04/08/2015 09:02 BST | Updated 03/08/2016 06:59 BST

Why I'll Always Wear Makeup

I love makeup,I really do. As a woman over 50 I've obviously had to change the way I wear it and can't be as bold as I was when I was younger but I refuse to tone down the lipstick which means I'm actually in fashion this summer due to my love of bright orange/coral lips.

For most women they learn about make up from watching their mothers apply it,my own mother still puts makeup on every day (even though she's in her late 70's and looks like Heath Ledger's Joker when she's finished) but I remember as a child I'd watch her with her block mascara that she would spit on before applying the brush to it, then I'd watch her as she put her green eye shadow on and draw a line of black kohl around her eyes before finally putting her brightest lipstick on.To me she was the epitome of glamour as I knew that not everyone's mum did this,so I couldn't wait until I was old enough to wear it myself.

Woolworths was usually the first place any self respecting girl would be seen spending what little bit of cash she had at the makeup counter and the first eye shadow I bought was the Miners bright blue wet look eye shadow in a tube,it must have looked horrendous but I thought I was the bees knees wearing it and I loved it. From there I really got into makeup and as I got older I discovered which brands were best for foundation,which ones had the longer lasting lipsticks and which brand had the mascara that made your eyelashes look like spiders legs.As each season came round I couldn't wait to see who would bring out the best palette of "must have" makeup usually accompanied by a photo of a supermodel supposedly wearing it. I would buy the whole thing,the eye shadows,eyeliner,blusher,lipstick,nail polish and would wear it every day until the new "look" came out.I was of course an advertiser's dream but I didn't care as makeup is a big part of fashion,another great love and the two go hand in hand.

I've been lucky enough to have jobs where it was compulsory to wear makeup,one of them was working in Boots selling makeup for a well known brand and another job was working for Playboy. At Playboy they actually had a woman who used to come in whenever a few new girls joined the ranks and her job was to teach us how to wear makeup.Apparently she also taught the girls who worked on the airlines and any company that insisted on women wearing full makeup.

What I've always found surprising though is how other women my age perceive someone who wears makeup,especially when they don't wear it themselves.We're seen as vain,shallow with the "Who does she think she is?" attitude.I'll give you vain yes,but I wear makeup for me,it's part of getting dressed and I'm certainly not going to stop just because you can't be bothered to make the effort. I will always wear make up full stop,it makes me feel good and yes it makes me feel more attractive and if one day I eventually end up (god forbid) being looked after by carers I hope someone is kind enough to bring in the latest brightest lipstick.

A girl's got to look her best don't you know.