13/09/2011 11:32 BST | Updated 13/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Is The 3DS Worth it Right Now?

A friend recently asked me if he should buy a 3DS, and for the first time I had to think before recommending a Nintendo console.

Now let me start saying I could see no wrong in how Nintendo usually handle the handheld market, which usually resulted in me pinning for their new system on release.

That sadly has changed with the 3DS.

As someone who is actually quiet adamant that 3D has a future in gaming this is an odd stance I know, but so far the 3DS does nothing to want me to move over to this new console despite being a more powerful machine it for me still lacks something.

I don't think it helps that from a gamer perspective it is trying to cash in mostly on nostalgia being that the top games worth owning are re-releases of games most have played and completed three times over, when Zelda: Phantom Hourglass was announced I admitted to wishing it was Ocarina of Time for a short while then realising it is nice to have a new adventure to play through, seems 3DS changed that by releasing many N64 games albeit with improved graphics and of course 3D this to me is not enough to warrant a purchase just yet.

Another major factor must have been the price with Nintendo's system already having a price cut showing you it was not selling well, since the cut sales have improved drastically but it also left at launch owners a little peeved this resulted in Nintendo giving them access to 20 games, these however where of course retro games maybe even just playing up to nostalgia a little bit more.

Trying to use my crystal ball or foresight I can't help but notice Christmas slowly creeping and not to mention the PlayStation's Vita expecting to arrive one would estimate another drop in price for the 3DS might not be too far away.

That along with lack of stellar new titles it may be wise to hold off on purchasing a while since I am sure the standard Mario titles are just around the corner and one can hope Kid Icarus is with him then the 3DS will be able to stand on its own and not just behind its glasses less 3D or games we have already played, just leaves me wondering I the 3DS is currently for a diehard fan with no patience buying knowing it will come good eventually.