07/09/2011 20:03 BST | Updated 07/11/2011 05:12 GMT

Resistance 3 Event

Are you prepared for when darkness descends?

On Wednesday 31st I had a chance to find out if I was by attending ...when darkness descended an event held by PlayStation to promote Resistance 3.

Heart beating in my chest, sweat and panic in the air, so little light I think I'd rather be without then I hear a noise in coming from behind.

Resistance as a series has kind of been over shadowed by Call of Duty or Battlefield in a heavily convoluted first person shooter market but even compare to other PlayStation exclusives Killzone and Uncharted both earning mass praise from reviewers where Resistance has been on the fringes almost but not quiet.

Enter Resistance 3 hoping to finally break out and be counted among the big boys and stamp Insomniac's shooter on the world stage.

Resistance was obviously a key part of the event with multiple kiosks

With so much work and no doubt money being spent to push the third instalment of the series one must look at PlayStations other exclusive Uncharted 3 which is only just around the corner but is noticeably absent from the show maybe as to not overshadow Resistance since it is as well known and loved as it is, it doesn't need the same kind of media push Resistance is crying out for.

The event had multiple kiosks showing a range of soon to be released games such as Dark Souls, God of War Collection, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One, Journey , Fifa12 and of course Resistance 3.

An impressive floor of gaming galore

Part of the event was a live experience inside the world of Resistance taking the part of a real life horror movie, this was quiet intense mainly thanks to the brilliant performance and work by Punchdrunk.

With our secret mission taking place between Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 we had to link up with the resistance and send a message to the resistance factions in America.

Before being sent to join the resistance each group of participants were briefed in a "your life is at stake" manner which helped set the tone, not to mention being given only three torches between ten people meaning many were left just hoping to make their way out alive. We had to overcome many challenges cracking in to a computer, finding security cards and key all feeling just that little bit Hollywood even down to our last minute escape from a Chimera infested room sadly not all made it.

Some may have been a bit more scared then others

Sadly I did not get a Chimera head for my trophy room but overall it was a very nice experience a little different than the game as I missed my trusty revolver or bullseye.

One amusing feature was that the exit that you so franticly run towards quiet literally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel leads you right to the show floor so as you escape scared looks on your faces mud on trousers and shoes every gets to take a quick break from their gaming to see how truly scared you were.

Finally getting to play some Resistance 3 and I could feel the difference from the online beta, relieving some fears of a dip in the quality and had to remind myself exactly what Beta means. From what I played Insomniac have done well keeping the fun frantic gameplay that has become a staple of the series with what felt like a tighter overall game, sadly not having enough time with the game and can't say much else on the game.

With the event and the game itself you can really see the effort PlayStation are putting into helping Resistance reach the heights of Uncharted with its third instalment also around the corner.

For more information or photos on the event as well as other PlayStation Access events held all across the UK visit

Join the Resistance, save earth and have a blast doing it.

Resistance 3 is out September 9th 2011.