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Celebrity Big Brother: Is Nicola McLean The Only One That Can Beat Jedward?


The final day of reckoning in Celebrity Big Brother is almost upon us. After weeks of turmoil and agitations, one of the final six housemates is going to walk out of the house as the winner and into the annals of TV history.

It has once again been a series of arguments and accusations that has seen some of the strongest personalities that Big Brother bosses have managed to gather in one place.

This, of course, has meant that there has been plenty of opportunity for fallouts over the most miniscule thing. Who could forget that there was a major barney over who had the most bottled water?

Strip away the glitz and glamour that some of these celebs need to feed their ego and survive and all of a sudden, the amount of eggs that one eats in a day becomes a matter of huge significance!

It is time to pick the winner now and it seems that it could be just a two-horse race.

For the past couple of weeks, actor James Cosmo has been granted immunity. He may have seemed a little perplexed by this honour, as he has looked a fish out of water for the best part of his time in the infamous house.

In that time though, he has come across as the perfect gentleman and has carried himself with the utmost dignity as others around him have headed to the diary room for a meltdown.

The question is, will politeness and good manners really be enough to win out? Celebrity Big Brother likes to portray itself as a place of loose morals, so it would probably be more fitting if a housemate that is more befitting this bill, is the one that walks away as the winner.

Coleen Nolan and Bianca Gascoigne probably haven't done enough to really deserve to win. Coleen has been entertaining in a naughty 'Loose Women' kind of way and Bianca has got deep into a relationship with Jamie O'Hara.

Bianca didn't shed many tears though when Jamie was surprisingly evicted and you have to wonder that she will have more of a story once she's out of the house and confronts her boyfriend. Could be an awkward conversation for sure.

This leaves the big three, Kim Woodburn, Nicola McLean and Jedward. These are the characters that have dominated this series of CBB and it would only be fair if the winner came from one of these.

Kim has been all guns blazing for most days, taking offence to innocent comments and going on the attack when she feels that someone needed a rude awakening.

Kim has said that she's a straight talker and there hasn't been many housemates that haven't felt the benefit of her straight talking - she's even tried to provoke James Cosmo into biting but that's been to no avail so far.

The winner is almost certainly going to come from either Jedward or Nicola McLean. It has to be handed to Jedward, there has never been a moment where you've seen them lazing in bed, smoking in the garden or chugging down alcohol like it's going out of fashion.

They have been 100% on brand for almost the whole duration and have quite happily inhabited Planet Jedward. The problem is, they seem almost impossible to live with and do not seem it unreasonable to be singing out loud at 2am.

Of course, Jedward have a huge following (some 676,000 Twitter followers to start with) and they are providing the ultimate experience - great to watch but horrendous to live with.

There has been only one that has made it their mission to bring them down. Nicola McLean has had daily run-ins with the twins as she calls them out for their self-centred behaviour.

Nicola has given the viewers the full gamut of CBB expected behaviour. She has lost her rag, she has sworn like a trooper, she has had diary room meltdowns and she's 'quit' the show on at least three occasions, only to calm down and carry on.

Nicola could be the only one that could topple the singing Irish duo and it would be fitting if she did as she has been one of the few that hasn't been a wallflower and made sure she's been involved in most of the major moments of this series.

The viewers will ultimately decide and don't be surprised if a couple of cheeky chappies with big, outlandish hair are the ones sitting on top of the pile come Friday night.

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