11/10/2013 10:25 BST | Updated 10/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Will Miley Cyrus Suffer From Too Much Exposure?

When you're launching a new album, it's important to get yourself noticed, but you can have too much of a good idea, so has Miley Cyrus shot herself in the foot?

There can't be many people around in this hyper-connected age who haven't seen almost all of the former Hannah Montana in her ever-more-desperate search for attention ahead of the release of new album Bangerz.

But how many of those will actually go out and buy it?

Cyrus's marketing of her new musical direction and style has had a two-pronged approach. She's obviously gone down the route of flashing as much flesh as possible in videos and at MTV Awards shows, but she's also tried to garner herself some musical credibility.

She's been building up appearances with the likes of Snoop Dogg/Lion,, Mike Will Made It and Rock Mafia, while Bangerz has production credits by a lot of 'hot right now' southern hip-hop and pop types.

And while you might not have noticed in amongst the general noise about her feud with Sinead O'Connor, but the album has been getting some decent reviews. Because it is actually a very good pop album with blends of hip hop, country and a more grown-up electro-pop sound than her earlier releases.

But it's hard to disassociate the music from the image, with Wrecking Ball being the best example. You know the video, you've seen all the memes, but could you hum the song? Possibly not, and not because it's not memorable.

Despite her insensitive and unwise response to O'Connor's open letter, Cyrus doesn't seem to be stupid, and she's possibly aware that her raunchy antics may be working against her attempts to present herself as a grown-up, credible pop star.

In the last week, she's done a well-received Saturday Night Live appearance and collaborated with The Roots on an excellent and viral-friendly a capella version of We Can't Stop. The former showed that she is self-aware and funny, the latter showed that she can actually sing. And keep her clothes on.

So maybe this is the start of a slightly different direction for her (albeit coming right at the same time as her most explicit Terry Richardson photos yet). Maybe now she's got the world looking at her, she's going to shrug off the controversy, focus on the music and prove there is more to her than a foam finger.

Then again, maybe not...