Where Next for David Beckham?

20/11/2012 11:53 GMT | Updated 20/01/2013 10:12 GMT

David Beckham has announced that the upcoming MLS final on December 1 will be his last game for LA Galaxy, as he seeks one last challenge. With a career that has seen him enjoy spells at Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan and - er - Preston North End, where will be next for the former England captain?


Most of the money is on Becks heading Down Under, following in the footsteps of similar European footballing legends such as Alessandro Del Piero and, ahem, Emile Heskey.

It's a league with a growing reputation, with plenty of money on offer and a lot of sunshine. Not too dissimilar, in fact, from factors involved when he made the move to Los Angeles. Plenty of clubs seem to be interested, although with a more laid-back, less celebrity driven culture, it may not be the best move for 'Brand Beckham'.


China's economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, and football is growing with it. Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka are already plying their trade in Shanghai, earning huge amounts of money for doing so.

There would certainly be money on offer on-the-field, and the potential of furthering his already huge commercial earnings. Living in somewhere like Shanghai may also suit the glitz-and-glamour lifestyle of his wife. However, given the standard of football, it depends on exactly what kind of 'challenge' it is Beckham is after.

Ligue 1

A year or so ago, a move to mega-rich PSG was heavily rumoured. While it did not transpire then, there is a chance, albeit a slim one, that he could end up with the Ligue 1 title contenders.

He knows their coach, Carlo Ancelotti, from his time with AC Milan; they could offer him a big wage; Paris would be a great location for fashion-focused Posh; he'd still be playing at a high-level. It makes sense, there's only one problem: PSG are unlikely to want him. They're favourites to lift the title as it is, and may not want the distractions Beckham would bring, as well as doubts regarding his ability to perform at such a standard.

Premier League

The unlikeliest of destinations, especially as he has previously stated he would not play for another Premier League side other than Manchester United. However, if he did fancy a move back home, there would probably be a couple of options.

Queens Park Rangers could do with all the help they can get at the moment, and would surely benefit from his experience and leaderhip qualities. West Ham, meanwhile, aren't in need of him, but would be unlikely to say no. Who knows, maybe even Fergie might take a gamble on a short-term deal. Okay, maybe not, but you never know...


The bookies have decided to place Celtic near the top of their list of early favourites for Beckham's next destination. In a way, it makes some sense: they're a big club, he could still perform at that level, and they're in with a chance of reaching the next stages of the Champions League. There'd be mutual benefits.

However, this one would seem like a no-go, because a) they wouldn't be able to afford his wages, and b) I don't see the Beckhams uprooting from LA to Glasgow. Sorry.


The previous vogue destination for footballers looking for one last payday challenge, there is a chance Beckham could follow in the footsteps of former Real Madrid teammate Raul with a move to the Middle East.

There'd be an endless amount of cash thrown his way, and living somewhere like Dubai may suit him. However, there are likely to be offers that can offer more in terms of football, as well as money.

Stay in America

If he doesn't fancy leaving the USA, he could always make the move to another side. With Posh making a name for herself in the fashion world, a switch to the East Coast and New York would make a lot of sense.

In footballing terms, Red Bulls already have Thierry Henry on the books, and the thought of linking up with him must have at least crossed Beckham's mind. Alternatively, if he didn't fancy the MLS, there's always the New York Cosmos. Now that would be romantic.