03/03/2015 11:23 GMT | Updated 02/05/2015 06:59 BST

Sugar Sculptures

My art practice is like a constantly evolving self-help course where I am as much the therapist as the client. The intent of this body of work was to expose myself to such extreme levels of sugar and junk food that I would no longer want to eat it again... These rituals then developed into me creating new tribes people based on what we now negatively consume and how far removed it is from nature.

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The human species are living so many forms of insanity, one of which is how in parts of the world the people are malnourished through starvation while in other parts they are becoming increasingly malnourished through over eating absolute rubbish...I see these extreme problems as being a result from where we have evolved from being hunter gathers to landing out wanting to gather way too fucking much...

To really simplify the cycle of how this has happened i think you can say that first humans made primitive artifacts that were decorative embellishments of useful objects they killed and cooked with. These then derived into just being ornamental objects and much later on down the line corporations took all these early learnings about material, shape, colour and taste and further synthesized them to create near perfect potent emotional triggers for desire and consumption ie junk food. My intent has been to take different stages of this 5000 year progression and layer them into new icons of worship.

I ultimately see these images as an anthropological reflection of our contemporary slavery to sugar addiction and the techniques used to get us there. Great advertising and packaging pulls you in with all these promises of beauty, happiness and joy then your left feeling empty and disturbed by wanting something different than yourself. I wanted to generate this oscillation between beauty and ugliness in the works.

I get inspired by everything whether that is a murder scene in a Caravaggio painting or watching sexy people on the beach in Ibiza putting on sunscreen....