06/11/2014 06:43 GMT | Updated 05/01/2015 05:59 GMT

A Day in the Life of a Dating Guru

As the UK's top Dating Coach , I'm very fortunate to be able to say I have one of the most interesting, fun, rewarding and sometimes downright bizarre careers possible. I always get asked about exactly what it involves so I'm going to tell you about a typical day for me.

It's a lovely autumn day here in London and I've arrived at the office in a great mood. My day has already started well as I have two voicemails from possible new date coaching clients waiting to be called back. Finding love can be a struggle for many people and they come to me so I can help them meet the partner they dream of.

Like most days, I have a busy schedule and my diary is packed. I'm seeing four clients today (two regular and two new) and I've been asked to put together some dating expert advice for a PR campaign for a big brand. I'm also meeting a matchmaker friend for lunch and running a singles event in the evening. It's not hard to work out why I get called the UK's version of "Hitch" !

The first thing I do is make myself a very strong coffee. While I drink it, I check through my emails and try and get back to as many people as possible. There's a wide variety of them today and each is either a new opportunity or a question from a client. Today I have a dating expert request for a radio interview, two journalists asking for dating advice quotes and a reminder about a new dating app I'm going to be involved with. It's going to be a long day but I'm excited about what's coming up.

To my clients, I'm a combination of things: a dating coach, dating expert, life coach, matchmaker and often a friend. During the sessions, some are reporting back on the dates they've been on over the weekend and asking for my feedback and thoughts on the next steps. I'm pleased to find out that most went well and one is now in a blossoming relationship. Great result!

Lunch is fun with the matchmaker. We try and meet once a month to discuss business ideas and it's good to share stories and have a laugh. I work for myself so I don't always get the chance to see my friends as much as I would like. She tells me about the woman she's just taken on who only wants to date men over 6ft 2 with green eyes and glasses. I agree to have a dating coaching session with her to help get her reality in check.

Two clients later and it's time for me to hit the gym. A quick workout helps me to clear my mind and switch off my thoughts for a little while. I think of myself as a personal trainer for dating. I put together a plan and make sure my clients stick to it!

My Singles event runs smoothly and over 100 guests turn up to meet each other. I spend the evening making introductions and giving out dating tips. Lots of matches are made and hopefully some new clients are booked in. One drunken man tries to get in without paying and starts shouting but my staff kick him out before anyone really notices. We're not going to let one idiot spoil the fun for everyone else!

I get home just before midnight and have a quick catch up with my wife before going to bed. As much as I love my job it does keep me very busy and away from home which can be tiring. I make a mental note to try and find someone to do my admin for me.

Every day is completely different and I never know quite what will happen or what will come my way. I meet some amazing people and it's an amazing feeling to know you can help make such a big different in their lives. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?