21/08/2013 07:23 BST | Updated 20/10/2013 06:12 BST

One Month to Go!

I only have one month to go before my next epic fitness challenge. On 18 September at Portsmouth University Freshers Fair I will be attempting to Row 50km, Run 50km and then stair climb up and down a 50 meter building 100 times all in under 14 hours!

The event itself will start at 10am with the Row which I will aim to complete in four-five hours. I will then strap on my running shoes and traverse up and down Portsmouth Parade Pier 10 times (equaling 30 miles). The conclusion of the event will take place in Trafalgar Halls (a student residential building) where I will stair climb up and down the 50 meter building 100 times in five hours. Finally at 12am, everything will of come to an epic conclusion and I will take a well earned break for a few days before the training begins again for another challenge.

Needless to say it is going to be a really hard day but I am more then prepared for the event, the last two months have been spent training in the Sardinian countryside where it is hot, hilly and unforgiving.

The up and coming weeks will be dedicated to finalising the completion of my training programme. This is undoubtedly going to be the hardest period of training as I will be pushing myself to the very limit to insure that I am as ready as possible for the challenge.

One of the big inspirations for me attempting these events is to raise 10,000 pounds for Water Aid. I am working with the RAG group from my University and together we hope to raise as much money as possible during my 14 hours of exertion.

Training for something like this is taxing both on the body and the mind but it is also highly rewarding when you see your personal best times tumble. I also feel markedly fitter and stronger. These gains however did not come first without some serious work!

I try to make training as hard as possible as failure is never an option I take lightly. My whole career is built on overcoming the hardest most insane physical challenges, if one gets the better of me then that will just have to be the focus of my energies until I complete it. This may sound stubborn but I have very high expectations of myself, this is why I set such challenging goals which pushes the yardstick of human endurance a bit further every time I undertake an event.

There are most definitely others in the world who are fitter, stronger and faster then I am. But there are few people who have more determination then I have when it comes to activities like this and I can guarantee that this determination will be tested in all it's entirety on September the 18th.