27/06/2013 10:33 BST | Updated 27/08/2013 06:12 BST

Preparation, Dedication, Application


I am currently training full time as well as writing a book and I am studying for a degree, in this sense my time is very limited and as a result I have developed effective strategies over time to maximize my time management and overcome various goals in a given period. The title above refers to the formula of success which I apply to my training camps and virtually every other task I undertake which requires a large amount of effort.


The initial intelligence gathering phase of a training camp begins by breaking down the challenge in it's entirety into simple steps which can be used as a pathway to eventual completion of a given task. Put simply this roadmap is a template to which a training camp will be undertaken. Personally I construct timetables which I follow on a day to day basis which underlines the training I will have to undertake day to day. I also research and gather information from external sources which will help improve my training. The preparation phase is the foundation blocks of a successful training program, without a dedicated period of preparation all subsequent action will be misdirected, unorganized and ultimately ineffective .


The secondary phase of the formula is the hardest and is often the one which serves to undermine and destroy a successful training camp. After a period of preparation, installing a sustained course of dedicated action serves to fulfill the obligations of whatever demands I set myself during the preparation phase. In short this section refers to the "grind" of actually going ahead and undertaking a training regime. Many people fall down at this phase because they have set inadequate and unrealistic short term goals which often results in repeated failures and a decrease in motivation. A dedicated period of training largely ignores the ultimate long term target and instead focuses on daily short term stepping stones which lead to the ultimate goal.


The third and final phase of a training camp is the application stage. In this stage the combined nature of a the preparatory and dedicatory phases should of adequately prepared me for the ultimate challenge I originally set out to complete. Through vigourous, logical and systematic periods of training, the event itself should merely be an exhibition of the things I have learnt during the training camp rather then a monumental struggle.