28/10/2012 13:31 GMT | Updated 26/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Canadian Diamonds Hardly in the Rough!

Canada is often known for its clean environment, respect for nature and the unkempt wilderness. This appreciation for all things natural has manifested itself in a specific outlet - diamonds. Canadian diamonds have become the latest phenomenon with jewelry enthusiasts around the world. But what makes them more appealing than other diamonds, including ones from the UK?

According to celebrity jeweler Mark Lash, owner of Mark Lash Jewelry (, it is due to the legacy, or origin, of the diamonds. Lash, whose dazzling designs have complimented the outfits of Hollywood's finest including Naya Rivera, Celine Dion, Tricia Helfer, Drake, Rachel Bilson and Cee-Lo Green, explains, "When you buy a Canadian diamond from a mainstream Canadian jeweler, you can be 99.9% sure it is not a conflict diamond and are guaranteed not to contribute to human rights abuses. Canadian diamonds are the only diamonds in the world with this type of guarantee."

These diamonds, which are excavated from the non-industrial mines in Canada, are often imprinted with a specific certificate number and trade symbols to assure consumers of their authenticity. The ability to trace these diamonds from their rough stage, all the way to the market is part of the reason for their value and exclusivity. Due to the high quality of these mines, diamonds from Canada have a higher average price per karat, which is not only great for the consumer, but the mining companies as well. In addition, these mining companies are legitimate groups not like organizations from some other countries that obtain diamonds through forced labor.

Recently, Mark Lash Jewelry has been receiving an abundance of orders from around the globe interested in his authentic product. "We're seeing more and more interest in Canadian diamonds, particularly from consumers who are concerned about environmental issues as well as ensuring their diamonds are 100% conflict free. The consumer loves the clarity and sparkle of a Canadian diamond", Lash comments on his success both domestic and internationally. Interest in his diamonds has extended as far as China.

Of course, the skyrocketing increase in popularity of these diamonds began in a large part due to the many native supporters. "Canadians love to celebrate the magic and beauty of Canada, their home, and this is my inspiration when I design all my diamonds", Lash remarks.

It would seem that 'going green' has now found its counterpart in the diamond trade!