31/10/2012 10:36 GMT | Updated 29/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Lionsgate's New Film Won't Keep the Screams at Bay!

Flickr: Muffet

With Halloween finally here, it is no surprise anxious horror fanatics troll into the theaters to see the latest phenomenon that is Paranormal Activity 4. While the most recent film in the multi-million-dollar franchise was one of the best yet, another horror film shows it's better to be late than never this Halloween. Barry Levinson's The Bay releasing nationwide November 2nd adds a new dimension of fright that hasn't been seen in some time.

The clever, humorous and prolific character actor Jody Thompson weighs in on what it is like to star as a detective in the new gritty "lost footage" thriller from Lionsgate. When asking Jody how it felt to work with renowned director Barry Levinson, Thompson exclaimed "I didn't know what to expect from such a legend but he put me right at ease! He is so good at what he does it's contagious and you in turn feel good about what you do!"

As an actor who has found himself more in the realm of comedies and dramas such as Academy Award winning films The Blindside and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, we asked Mr. Thompson if being a lead in The Bay ever frightened him on set. Jody replied, "Yes, I think a part of you has to believe that what you're seeing is real! It makes your work better and since I have an over active imagination anyway, the other character could have said 'Boo' and I would have cried like a little schoolgirl!"

Finally, I asked Jody if he is a fan of horror and if so what movies sent the most shivers down his spine? Jody explained that although he fancies himself a comedy guy if you came at him with all the ghosts and CGI in the world it will never terrify him as much as the twin girls at the end of the hall in Stephen King's movie adaptation of The Shining. I would have to agree with Jody as well, nothing scares me more than creepy adolescents!

The amazing success of the home movies and lost footage horror films, dating back to the success of the Blair Witch Project, illustrates that when it comes to this genre, less IS more and in the case of The Bay, it will keep the screams going long after October is over.

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