04/09/2014 13:15 BST | Updated 04/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Look No Further: Here Are the People Pleasers!

Whether a well planned evening of fine dining or a spontaneous supper with the neighbours, we've recipes for the masses! So stop stressing, start smiling and SUBSCRIBE TO FOOD TUBE!

This recipe is off the scale of delicious radonkulousness, Food Tubers. Juicy, succulent chicken coated in DJ BBQ's famous rub of awesomeness. So good you'll wonder where all your new friends have come from. Grab your tongs people, it's time to go ballistic!

This simple pasta recipe from The Chiappas is a perfect meal for baby AND the whole family to enjoy. The goodness of courgettes with tasty cheese and a nutritious egg, all around cute little pastini shapes. It's super-scrumptious whatever your age!

Quick, easy and low-low-cost. Kerryann has a classic mac 'n' cheese recipe for you! Topped with golden toasted breadcrumbs - it's certain to become a firm family favourite.

And Jamie's nailed it. If you want the most delicious accompaniment to nearly ANY dish, look no further than this light, vibrant and flavour-packed tomato salad. With the freshest ingredients and a kick of chilli heat, trust us, it's good enough to have all on its own too.

Then, of course, any hearty meal with your loved ones can only be enjoyed with an appropriately moistened palette. *Fanfare* Hear ye, hear ye... we introduce the one and only, DRINKS TUBE!

Kicking off with The Bramble cocktail, invented by Dick Bradsell in London during the 1980's. Here Camille shows you how to make it yourself using Bombay Sapphire gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice and creme de mure (blackberry liqueur). There's a reason this cocktail has become such a classic - it's easy to make and it tastes delicious!

Let's not forget about the kids! Professional free runner and Food Tube's resident vegan, Tim Shieff, comes over to Drinks Tube to kick off their new soft drinks strand. This is Tim's Watermelon Slushie: a healthy summer treat!

What other non-alcoholic drinks do you want to see on Drinks Tube?

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