09/06/2014 13:33 BST | Updated 09/08/2014 06:59 BST

Cupcakes and Barbies... Fish Pie? OH MY!

We are beaming with pride and buzzing with excitement for the launch of our three fabulous Food Tube Books with the loveable Kerryann, gorgeous Cupcake Jemma and radonkulous DJ BBQ!

This is what Food Tube is all about, folks - giving emerging new foodie talent a platform to show their clever tips, tricks and methods that'll transform your cooking. Now look at them - fully-fledged authors!

Each cookbook is a collection of beautiful, delicious, no-nonsense recipes, shot by the outrageously talented David Loftus, for everyone to enjoy and you'll be able to find some of our favourites on Food Tube.

THE FAMILY COOK BOOK by Kerryann Dunlop

Kerryann was one of Jamie's first apprentices at Fifteen. Now a busy mum-of-two, Kerryann knows how to balance fresh cooking with a non-stop lifestyle. Her family cookbook is packed with ideas from snacks to evening meals as well as advice for cooking with kids!

What's Jamie got to say about it? "Kerryann is a fantastic character and this book just oozes with a style that is warm, homely, motherly and gentle. She's worked hard to put together a batch of brilliant recipes as well as some really useful, thrifty family tips and tricks. This is a book that'll serve any family for years to come."

Here is one of Kerryann's easy-pleasers, perfect for the footy season. FRIED CHICKEN!


If you want to say goodbye to sad, burnt sausages and instead learn how to fire up some Bodacious Burgers and Rad Rum Ribs then Christian Stevenson (aka DJ BBQ)'s recipes will make anyone a King or Queen of the Flame.

Jamie says: "With the recipes in this book, DJ BBQ's super-fun videos on Jamie's Food Tube and a little bit of his heart and soul, your barbeque will never be the same again. This book is already an inspiration to me and I can see this DJ rocking parties all over the place this summer with his incredible flavours."

What's in the book? Here's a little taste. It's chicken breast, marinated in spices and beer, gently charred over hot coals, home made guacamole and his 'Pico De Rado' all in warm, soft tortilla. Quick, NURSE! We need a lie down...

THE CAKE BOOK by Cupcake Jemma

Jemma Wilson is part of the London street food scene and owner of the spectacular Crumbs & Doilies. Her seasonal collection of recipes takes cupcakes to the next level. Love, fun and flavour are packed into every sweet serving - it's the sort of food that'll make you instantly salivate. Nom nom nom.

And our lovely Essex boy has a thing or two to say! "No-one but Jemma would think to make cupcakes seasonal but she's such a legend that her book makes it seem the most natural thing in the world. Split up seasonally, you'll have a Wonderful naughty treat to choose from, whatever time of year - and it'll always be delicious. This is a gorgeous little book, crammed full of brilliant and inspired cupcake recipes."

Here's just one little treat you could treat yourself too if you treat yourself to Jemma's Cupcake Book. What a treat!

All three books are available NOW at Amazon, Waterstones, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Jamie's restaurants... all over the place!

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