18/06/2014 13:41 BST | Updated 18/08/2014 06:59 BST

Cure Your World Cup Woes With Our Match-Day Munchies!

(In case you missed it) it's World Cup season and we've been preparing the perfect match-day Munchies to keep you, and the inevitable flock of footy fans draped on your sofa, happy!

DJ BBQ is gonna light a fire in your mouth, Food Tubers, with his jalapeño party poppers! Peppers. Cheese. Bacon. All grilled on an open flame. Will USA prove as triumphant as these radonkulous bites of heaven? We'll let DJ BBQ argue that one out...

Tobie Puttock scores a winner with these awesome meat pies from Down Under. Has the Aussie tackled your hunger for a mid-match snack? Go for it you, Socceroos!

Barry Lewis from My Virgin Kitchen is flying the flag for England with his homemade crisps. Cook 'em 3 simple ways then settle down to watch England... c'mon Roy's Boys!

Meanwhile, over on Drinks Tube, they've poured the perfect line up for our World Cup feast.

USA! USA! USA! Our favourite American talks us through a few awesome beers from the United States. Riding the Kona Brewing Company's Big Wave and full Anchor Steam Beer ahead (with a glass of Brooklyn Brewery's Brown Ale to finish off).

Next on the pitch is Tobie with a Melbourne Bitter, Cooper Brewery's Original Pale Ale and Hawthorn Brewing Co's Pilsner. Which beer'd you back for the World Cup?

And last, but by no means least... COME ON ENGLAND! Barry throws a cheeky cider in the mix along with his choice of Bristol Beer Factory's Southville Hop, and Meantime's Chocolate Porter. Spiffing!

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