07/09/2015 13:58 BST | Updated 07/09/2016 06:12 BST

Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food

Ten years after tackling the dire state of Britain's school dinners, Jamie Oliver is back on the campaign trail! In Jamie's powerful, one-off documentary, Sugar Rush, he investigated the huge contribution sugar is making to rising global health problems. Check out how many 'healthy' foods are actually sugar-laden and can be damaging to our health...

Jamie Oliver said: "Sugar Rush is very much about putting the spotlight firmly on a massive global problem and highlighting the hugely negative impact sugar is having on our health. Let's not forget that diet-related disease is one of the world's biggest killers and it's entirely preventable." If you would like to sign the petition, click here.

It is so important to equip yourself and your children with the knowledge of a healthy, balanced diet. Jamie's BRAND NEW book, Everyday Super Food, celebrates the everyday ingredients that help our bodies stay happy and healthy! Like this super Spelt Spaghetti recipe...

And for those warm fuzzy feelings, why not check out Jamie seeing his cookbook printed for the very first time!

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