Onesies, the Anti-Fashion Fashion

16/12/2012 23:02 GMT | Updated 15/02/2013 10:12 GMT

It is perfectly possible that, if you are over 25, the word "onesie" has not yet entered your vocabulary.

And it is equally possible that when you have seen one of these unisex garments - a kind of adult Babygro with optional hood - you may not want it to be part of your vocabulary.

But like them or not, onesies have become the default off-duty wear for a whole slew of celebrities including Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Rita Ora, Jennifer Ellison, Heidi Klum and Towie stars Joey Essex and Lucy Mecklenburgh. Which means, that despite being defiantly anti-fashion, the onesie is set to become a 21st-century fashion phenomenon, selling in vast quantities in New Look and Primark and even stocked at the bastion of middle-class standards, John Lewis . The 21st-century equivalent of the 80s tracksuit or the 90s shell-suit, the onesie has as little to commend it, except perhaps that it is warm, requires no effort and is - unlike much of what happens on Planet Fashion - practical.

Do we like the onesie at SoSensational? We absolutely do not, and would emphatically hate anyone to be under the illusion that we are promoting them.

I can't say I'm not slightly tempted by a onesie's embracing warmth and comfort. In the current below-freezing temps, and with an eye to turning down the rads and thus saving the planet by burning less fossil-fuel, the onesie does have some virtue.

But I plan to stay resolutely opposed to them. In my view, a onesie is the first step on the slippery slope towards elastic-waist polyester trousers, a zip-up fleece and brillo-pad hair.

Furthermore, this giant romper suit would never pass my fashion litmus test which is: "Would Anna Wintour wear this?" As editor of American Vogue, Wintour (like me, a 60-something), is possibly the most powerful woman on Planet Fashion. The chances of her owning a onesie, let alone wearing one, even in the privacy of her own home, are roughly in line with the chances of Ed Milliband joining the BNP. Probably even lower.

In fact, I suspect that that any employee of Vogue discovered wearing a onesie would find themselves under arrest by the Style Police for a breach of fashion law so egregious they would be banned for life from attending a Marc Jacobs catwalk show.

So, now you know how we feel about onesies, tell us, will you be wearing one this winter, or are you also a onesie refusenik?