12/04/2016 11:12 BST | Updated 13/04/2017 06:12 BST

Tour de Terry

When people discuss retirement, there are so many images that come to mind. It's a unique experience, as different as each person. There is no rigid rule book about what makes an enjoyable retirement and I think this is one of the most exciting things about it. The number of people aged 65 and older has increased by 16% in just 10 years which means there are nearly one million more people taking on new adventures.

I speak to people living with Anchor who have surprised themselves with their achievements in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Whether it's power walking or teaching exercise classes, the additional time when you no longer work, gives you the opportunity to dedicate that time to something you want to do. One resident who is currently going above and beyond in his retirement is 69-year-old Terry Keen.

Terry is currently cycling 1,400 miles from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Cornwall to bring the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations to 90 Anchor locations. Taking a specially-designed birthday card with him, Terry is collecting signatures from customers to create the ultimate birthday card for Her Majesty and is involving as many people as possible in this incredible feat. He thinks more than 3,000 people will have signed the card by the end of his tour.

Having set off on the 14 March, Terry, who turns 70 during the challenge, will be on the road for 57 days, meeting new people, visiting new places and raising money for a very worthwhile cause along the way. Terry is asking people to sponsor him on his challenge to support Grandparents Plus, the national charity which champions the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children's lives - especially when they take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances.

While raising awareness and funds for Grandparents Plus, Terry is also hoping #TourdeTerry will inspire others to remain active and take up new challenges. From armchair exercise to climbing Ben Nevis, Terry is keen to encourage others to think about what they can do to keep fit and healthy. Having always been an active person from marathon running to cycling adventures across Europe, Terry doesn't want people to put up barriers to getting involved.

I jumped at the opportunity to join Terry on a leg of the journey and get on my bike to pedal for such a great cause. I'd also encourage you to join the Tour de Terry, whether it is raising money for the charity or joining Terry on his tour. I admire Terry for cycling all this way and it's going to be a great personal achievement when he crosses that finish line. But what is equally important is that Terry has enabled many older people around the country to feel part of this national celebration. When Terry presents the birthday card to Buckingham Palace, it will be a wonderful occasion for all those who have been involved.

You can track Terry's progress on his route and find out how to donate to Grandparents Plus by going to, or keep up with him on Twitter using the hashtag #TourDeTerry.