Ireland From the Air: Adventures in Drone Photography

Ireland From the Air: Adventures in Drone Photography

Sometimes in life you need to look at something with a whole new set of eyes to fully appreciate its beauty.

As a travel writer who spends most of the year outside of Ireland, I sometimes forget how stunning this tiny island really is. When the sun shines and the grass is the brightest shade of green, there really is no other place in the world like it. While I have always appreciated Ireland for the pubs and the general craic, I sometimes get so carried away in the cities that I forget to travel further afield.

Having recently purchased a drone to take my photography skills to the next level, I have suddenly began to view my own country with a whole new set of eyes. I have found it fascinating to view my own house, my local village and some of local landmarks from a birds eye view. While many of my favourite spots look simply beautiful from the air, others have surprised me in many ways revealing hidden shapes in the land.

On a recent trip to Gougane Barra, a real hidden gem in the Southwest of Ireland, I took my drone for a spin and was in awe at the photographs it took. Many people pointed out that the tiny little island, which houses nothing but a small and very beautiful church, resembles Abraham Lincoln's head! You can see for yourself in the photo below.

Drone photography has always been something I was keen to get into but it was never really financially possible! Now that the price of drones has dropped so much, I'm pretty excited to be able to own one. While I know already it's going to be a real hassle to travel with, it's definitely one my my best ever purchases.

Here are a few of my favourite drone photos of Ireland, taken over the past two weeks: