Grip Your Loins; It Is the Ride of Your Life

I am of the opinion that you are meant to be exactly where you are at any moment in time; there is something you need to change, to learn, to give or to receive.

I am of the opinion that you are meant to be exactly where you are at any moment in time; there is something you need to change, to learn, to give or to receive.

Have you ever been in a situation when something you learnt or gained in the past was absolutely right for your current circumstance?

I worked for a building maintenance and construction business as an operation manager; I knew nothing about construction, but I knew how to create systems, organise people and processes and communicate, empower and promote. I had a sense that a major project was not profitable, in order to prove my case I implement an accounting package. I knew about bookkeeping and basic accounts but knew nothing about implement one. I proved my case, and thankfully the owner was able to rectify and recover some profit before the project end.

When I set up a restaurant business, I went on to use the same accounting package. In addition, the health and safety of my business was recognised as top notch as I had learnt from the construction experience, it is business good practice and life-saving importance.

I never liked or trusted the landlord, but I ignored this feeling as it had no basis and went ahead to invest in a start-up business.

I rocked up to open my business on Monday morning following a busy Saturday night to find the landlord had locked me out, with all the taking and equipment, and £000's of building enhancements lock in. By lunch, a new tenant was in the building. This situation started a period of personal, professional and legal challenges, but boy did I learn. I learnt what I was capable off - no I did not harm the landlord, (what goes around comes around). I have taken more than I thought I could bare, and so I know I am not easy to break - do you know how much power this knowledge gives me? I do not need permission from myself or others - I know I can do more than I think I can.

I have learnt to trust my instincts and listen to my gut.

I advise other businesses on business growth strategies, and my experience has taught me that no experience is wasted. All and every experience, the good, the bad and the ugly, has led me to on to the next experience.

Yes, even the bad and ugly; these experiences have challenged my thinking and possibly changed my behaviour, as painful as the experience can be, they have made me who I am today.

Life has a funny way of preparing you for the next challenge. They say life only sends you what you can bare. I know when I have been deep in IT, I have thought 'now that is enough', but eventually I always come out, fitter and stronger.

Challenges are sent to give a new perspective, yes there is some discomfort with it, but this is why it is called 'a challenge' it is not meant to be easy! Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

Part of moving forward is accepting that there will be challenges, that you cannot control everything or possibly anything and that expecting that you will find a way.

My advice is to grip your loins, because you are in for the ride of your life.


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