08/04/2015 06:20 BST | Updated 06/06/2015 06:59 BST

Why Your Purpose Is Not to Have a Destination

In my thirties, I was on a quest to find my purpose. I read much self-development books and ask myself many questions like:

  • Is this it?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What is the point of me being here?
  • What am I here to do?

I realised in my forties that my purpose is not a destination, but it is the experience, it is the journey. It is the entire impact I have on the world, with my relationships, my experience and the impact of my actions.

When I was looking for my purpose I was looking outside of myself, then I started to look inside myself, I discovered that other people do not have the answer, the answer is within me. The answer is unique to my experience and is unique to me, no one answer is given it forms, and it evolves with my unique experiences and insights gained.

I thought that not everyone was going to be a Nelson Mandela or a Steve Jobs, but this does not mean their value is less in the world. When I watch 'Pride of Britain' I am amazed by the things people are compelled to do, even children, they do what they think is necessary, often with little thought for themselves.

  • Is saving a life worth less in value than saving a business?
  • Is inspiring a young person to go to university less in value than inspiring an adult to lose weight and get fit?

Both might be lifesaving; the young person could have got into drugs, the adult could have had a heart attack. You do not always see the impact of your actions, until much later, if at all. I am always amazed how small actions can have an enormous impact.

The little things you do can have a massive impact.

Purpose it not a big bang event, it is what you learn from a big bang event and then what YOU do about what you learnt from the experience. We tend to focus on the event rather than the consequence of the experience. Two people can have the same experience, but their reactions may be very different. Your reactions and your actions account for something; it is unique to you. Events in life are to cause a reaction; the reaction is the test the challenge, the lesson and the learning are your unique perspective, as is your experience and subsequent actions.

I think it is wonderful that we all have a different perspective because we all see things and react to things differently on purpose. This is your purpose: to understand the meaning through our perspective. You must use what you have gained to share and to improve, you are then compelled to do what only you can do. This is your impact!

If you are still not clear about your purpose, bear in mind it is:

  • Not something you have to work hard at and gain.
  • Something you have in abundance.
  • Who you are now and whom your will become.
  • What you already have that is uniquely yours.
  • Your perspective and the effect of your actions.
  • The untold impact you have now and then.

You may feel your purpose is not worthy unless it is big. If your purpose is your journey, then how can you anticipate the conclusion of your journey and the impact you will have in the world? Do not worry about the result or destination, if you were to predict it, it would probably be smaller than the true possibility that is unless you can predict the future. Your imagination is tired to your perceptions that form from your past experiences. You must be open to having new experiences beyond the limits of your current imagination. These new experiences will bring new insights and new challenges that will enable you to learn new possibilities and effect more in new ways. This is your purpose evolving to help you to reach new levels of understanding.

How can you do what you do to have maximum impact?

Your purpose is to live your life on purpose, with purpose.

  1. Do the right thing always.
  2. Do what feels right to you.
  3. Be authentically you.
  4. Act with integrity.
  5. Be open to new insights, challenges and lessons.
  6. Rather than ask for your purpose ask 'how can I be better?'

This is the beauty of Purpose. Live it - do not limit it!