11/07/2017 09:20 BST | Updated 11/07/2017 09:20 BST

Five Fun Ways To Surprise A Wedding Couple

Life is full of surprises and they can brighten up your day in an instant. Surprising loved ones and making them smile is the best feeling in the world. The best surprises happen at moments when you least expect it - like at weddings.

If you're attending a wedding this summer, here are five unique ways to surprise the wedding couple and make their day even more special.

1. Write a wedding newspaper for the crowds

Print your own wedding newspaper - dated on the wedding day - and hand it out to the bride and groom on the morning of the wedding. You can also give it to the rest of the crowd if you want at the reception. The newspaper should have short stories about the bride and groom along with a few photos. It would also be cool to do an interview of the wedding couple's parents. You could even e-mail some of the guests for marriage advice to include in the paper. Make it light-hearted and fun.

2. Put together a montage video

This might require quite a bit of work and some detective skills, but a montage video of how the couple got together would be a fun surprise. It could include video footage and pictures from the couple's journey to marriage.

Now, if you can't find enough suitable material, you could get someone to create an animated cartoon of the couple! This would be a lovely gift and something they'd be able to watch for years to come.

3. Get their favourite celebrity send them a message

OK, social media has shown its power and people have been able to get big artists perform at their wedding. It doesn't hurt to try, but not everyone has a favourite celebrity from the world of music. Indeed, you could try getting the couple's favourite non-musical celebrities - be it writers, actors, footballers, or television personalities - to leave them a short message of good luck.

4. Create a flash mob dance routine

Different dance displays have been a popular entertainment option chosen by wedding couples themselves. But you could reverse the roles and surprise the bride and groom with a flash mob. Gather a group of friends and create a dance display to entertain the rest of the crowd. To make it work, check with the best man or maid of honour who the wedding band is to coordinate things like music and timing.

An alternative to this option is to opt for singing waiters or another type of surprise entertainment, though you might want to clear this with the wedding planner first! At Freak Music we provide access to singing waiters and other types of surprise entertainment.

5. Organise a 'One Month On' dinner for them

The final surprise is not actually an idea for the big day. It's more of a reminder to the couple what they've done and a chance for them to remember the moment after everything has settled down. One month on from the wedding day organise a dinner for the couple at home - have a restaurant deliver food, some candles and a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy. It's a nice way to add a bit of luxury to the days after the wedding. If you want, you could also do this six months or a year on from the wedding. Just make sure to check the couple will be home!

Wedding couples deserve little treats as well for putting on a good show for the guests. Just remember the secret to a good surprise is doing something fun and heart-warming - you don't want to hijack the wedding or smash the bride's face with cake.

Pranks are not the right pick for a lovely party!