15/03/2017 12:14 GMT | Updated 16/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Five Wedding Trends That'll Surprise You This Summer

Wedding preparations for summer 2017 are in full swing. If you are getting married this summer you've probably got everything planned already. If not, now is the time to start to sort everything out: your bridal gown, the location for your wedding, the catering and the entertainment and décor of your big day.

If you're worried you've left things to the last minute, relax! It happens more often than you probably think!

So, what are the trends saying?

Here are the five wedding trends that'll surprise you this summer.

Pets Are Invited!

The idea of having your dog as the ring bearer has always been a bit of a cheesy one. Not anymore! 2017 is the year when pets are invited to weddings. Since outdoor weddings are on the rise, our animal friends are more able to enjoy the big day. Pets are not just there to perform a role at the start, but to keep the guests company throughout the day. If your wedding venue isn't quite as excited about the trend as you, then you can always get your pet involved during the wedding photo shoot.

Just remember you may need someone to take them home afterwards!

Reading From Your Favourite Books

Ceremony readings have changed a lot over the years. While readings used to be strictly taken out from religious books, the shift has moved more towards non-religious content.

Indeed, couples have for a while now been writing their own readings or using poems and lyrics as the basis for this part of the ceremony. The newest trend that is going to be a big hit during the summer is citing from books. Literature offers plenty of romance and beautiful words about love. Passages from books like Wuthering Heights and The Bridge Across Forever could make the wedding ceremony unique and more personal.

Away from traditional romance, remember if you're a fan of Irvine Welsh that your reading might not be for everyone!

Warehouse Wedding Venues

Vintage and rustic wedding ideas and themes have long been popular. Barns and historic castles that have been in vogue recently are about to take a side step in 2017, because there's a new player in town: the industrial warehouse. While industrial themes have been a somewhat popular wedding décor trend, the venue is now key if you want an industrial backdrop to your big day. Large, empty warehouses will be glammed up with flowers, romantic lights and paper decorations to create a sleek and sophisticated venue for the party.

Hits From The 90s

Many couples getting married this summer would have lived out their wild youth during the 90s. 'What does this have to do with wedding trends?' you might ask. Although the years you grew up in don't often influence your wedding that much - we all want the latest trends and hottest flavours - your music choices for the day can be largely driven by your youth. Wedding music is about having a good time and if you grew up with 90s bangers, you'll want to dance to them on your big day as well.

Your wedding music shouldn't just go from one extreme to the other to include Britpop or Spice Girls' songs either. Performance acts and tribute bands are a popular entertainment option as live music continues to catch up with DJ's as a wedding entertainment choice - pick your favourite 90s tribute artist and have them take you back in time before you venture into the future as a married couple.

Charity Gift Registers

Marriages used to take place in early adulthood -we had two missions: to find a partner and get a job. The world has changed a lot and we're tying the knot much later. This means we often have the house, the mortgage, and the polished china already waiting for the new stage of our lives. While this previously meant couples often asked for cold-hard cash as a wedding gift, before wedding lists then became the norm, social consciousness is going to be creeping into our weddings in 2017. Charity registers are a big hit - couples want to share the special day with loved ones and help their chosen cause.

A number of big charities have already jumped on board with the trend. Oxfam has a wedding list service and the NSPCC will even send favours and thank you cards for donations. Couples can also opt for a mix of traditional gift registry and charitable donations. These allow the couple to provide guests the option of choosing a traditional gift or a donation, or doing both!