05/06/2017 10:14 BST | Updated 05/06/2017 10:14 BST

Do's And Don'ts For Wedding Guests In 2017

The summer wedding season is about to hit full swing and so it's time to make sure you know your wedding etiquette.

Weddings continue to change, and so do the rules!

Ensure you don't make blunders this summer with these do's and don'ts for wedding guests.

Do: Wear a Black Dress!

The old etiquette was vehemently against black - it was considered excessively dark for a wedding, especially in the summer. However, black is back and you're not going to be frowned upon if you rock up in black for a summer wedding.

Just look at Diane Kruger in her black sequin dress at her friend Jason Wu's wedding in 2016.

The one time to avoid black? If you know the bride is wearing a black dress. Otherwise, go for it!

Do: Get involved with any wedding traditions

Sure, the world has changed a lot and wedding traditions can sometimes seem a bit old-fashioned. We're becoming less religious, and throwing a bouquet at a group of women might seem like a silly thing to do.

However modern we might feel, there is one wedding etiquette rule that ALWAYS sticks: the wedding is not about you.

If the bride wants to toss the bouquet, it won't kill you to stand in a group and pretend to catch it. It's also common courtesy to take part in the whole wedding, not just the fun part. If it's a church wedding and there are prayers and hymns, even if you don't have a religious bone in your body you ought to get involved.

This extends to the reception and evening party, too. If there's a great live band playing, hit the dancefloor even for one dance. If the bridesmaids have organised a competition, take part or at least look interested, or if there's a hired photobooth make sure you get your picture taken.

If you know prior to the wedding that you'll hate it, make your excuses and don't go!

Don't: Organise your own surprises

You might be good at playing the guitar and want to serenade your friends, or you might want to grab everyone's attention by pulling out the breakdancing moves you last threw out when you were about 16.

Don't do so without consulting the couple, the bridal party or the best man.

It's great that you've thought about showing your entertainment skills but the wedding is not really about your talent. There's a fine line between doing something endearing and making yourself look a bit of a fool in front of dozens of people.

Make sure you tread it carefully.

Don't: Blindly share photos on social media

We love taking photos at weddings. However, it used to take a lot of time to get your photos developed and you didn't have social media to post them on afterwards. Nowadays, we all flock to weddings armed with smartphones and we might not always make the best social media choices after a few glasses of champagne.

Be mindful and respectful about the fact that the bride and groom might not want you to live-tweet the big day. If you're not sure, ask them!

It's OK to post your own selfies but try to avoid posting unflattering photos of other guests or the bride and groom. What you think is a fun and harmless photo is only a Facebook share or two away from being a perception of their wedding that your friends really didn't want putting out there!

Do: Enjoy it!

Enjoy the day, celebrate with your friends and their family, and keep this guide open on your smartphone!