Non-Musical Wedding Entertainment Options

08/08/2017 10:20 BST | Updated 08/08/2017 10:20 BST

When it comes to wedding entertainment, music is often the easiest and most popular option to pick. Most people opt for a wedding DJ or a band and consider the entertainment sorted. However, you don't always need to pick music as your entertainment. Indeed, there are other fantastic non-musical wedding entertainment options out there to try.

Now, it might seem strange to have the founder of Freak Music advising you to not have music at your wedding, but the truth is not everyone is a fan of music. Furthermore, it's not that you can just have a wedding band perform at your wedding and no other form of entertainment. In fact, it can be a good idea to add extra entertainment - this guarantees guests who love music and dancing, and those who don't, all have something to do.

So, what are some of the best non-musical wedding entertainment options to consider for your big day?

When you are looking for that wow factor

In terms of adding the wow factor to your wedding, there's nothing quite like fire performers. A proper fire performance will look captivating and add a visual (and hot!) element to your wedding. Fire performers often include a mixture of fire eating, fire blowing, juggling and more to their show creating an unusual performance. It works as entertainment at the start, middle or the end of your reception.

Another similar entertainment option is to have a fireworks display. A professional wedding firework display will add that extra magical touch to your reception and entertain both kids and adults alike. It makes the end of the wedding reception seem explosive - in a good way!

Depending a little on your wedding theme - and location - an actual fairground might be a fun alternative to wedding music. You could hire a few rides and fairground games to entertain the guests. Naturally, you'll also want to include proper fairground snacks like popcorn and candy cones!

When you want to add a bit of fun

A caricaturist can add a bit of fun to your wedding day. You can have the caricaturist roam around or have him or her stationed in a spot the wedding guests can go to and have themselves drawn in a comical manner.

You can also think outside of the box and have an actual stand-up comedian to perform at your wedding. This can be a fun addition, especially for smaller weddings. Just be careful you know what type of humour the comedian uses - stand-up might be best for adult-only weddings.

When you want something highly engaging

For entertainment that engages your wedding guests, you have a range of good options available. You could pick a traditional photo booth and have guests snap photos with different, quirky props.

Different games are another good options - you can find huge lawn game sets or even organise a proper board game extravaganza. Instead of dancing the night away, wedding guests could compete in a range of games. One of the coolest ideas in terms of games is to organise a treasure hunt. You just need to hide a range of prizes, have teams based on the seating plan, and provide clues as to how the prizes can be found. It's engaging and it's fun.

If you're struggling for wedding entertainment ideas and you want to compliment - or skip altogether - your wedding music, the above will hopefully inspire you. These non-musical wedding entertainment options offer something different for all sorts of weddings.