05/09/2016 13:35 BST | Updated 03/09/2017 06:12 BST

Discover You!

Walter McBride via Getty Images

If you don't already know by now, the original Matrix film is one of my favourites of all time! Please... I have a little dachshund named Neo (because he is the one)! During the film, the Oracle says to Neo "know thyself", and yet he still looks to her for validation about his truth. We all know Neo becomes "the One" by the end of the movie... but he makes this revelation by looking inward, finally seeing his truth and believing in himself. This is Discovering You! Standing in your own truth and being who you really are.

I read and listen to people on social media all the time, giving away their power by crowd-sourcing their style. Putting up four hair dos and asking, "which one should I get?" Or swatching five lipstick shades and asking, "which one should I wear for my big date tonight?" Crowd-sourcing your image gives away more than your power, it takes you further away from your own truth. It's time to take back your power and get on the path to you.

Living in an "insta-world" we portray our lives on social media platforms through carefully curated filtered images. In doing so, we move away from understanding how to represent ourselves face to face in the real world. As a makeup artist for many years and someone who is in the public eye, I've been asked many times to create something that's like a filter you can wear. This is the next evolution for the cosmetics industry and that's why the core of Jay Manuel Beauty™ is my Filter Finish Collection™ with skin blurring ingredients like Diamond Dust, Genuine Gemstones and Micronized Silk. Combining these advanced filtering ingredients along with unique and cutting edge complexion technology, my goal is to usher in a new world where makeup does more than cover your skin, it addresses the texture of your skin and allows you to radiate who you really are.

I always say... beauty, it's deeply personal, purely individual and yet surprisingly public. The way we present ourselves to the world should be a reflection of who we really are. We all need to come back to a place where we self-source our style (instead of crowd-sourcing it).

Over the past 20 years, I've had the amazing fortune to meet and learn from so many incredible women. As a result, I've learned that women instinctively put themselves somewhere in these three main categories -- Classic, Iconic and Avant-Garde.

Helping women represent their true self-image in this world has always been my passion. With Jay Manuel Beauty™ I focused on streamlining the colour guesswork that so many women face when standing in front of an entire line of makeup. Keeping shades in the categories of Classic, Iconic and Avant-Garde allows the consumer to zero in on her own style and make self-empowering choices.

Making things easy is essential, that's why I've created the Jay Manuel Beauty™ App (iTunes). This virtual, user-friendly personal beauty consultant is at your fingertips and the first step towards finding the path to you.

With a patented shade selector that allows you to detect your exact colour signature, my app customizes Jay Manuel Beauty™ recommendations for your lips, eyes, cheek, and face colours that best suit your unique look and style - whether you're Classic, Iconic or Avant-Garde.

Discover you!

Jay Manuel is the founder of Jay Manuel Beauty