11/12/2015 12:19 GMT | Updated 11/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Raising Awareness of Peace Day One Event at a Time

Building awareness of Peace Day is at the core of what we do at Peace One Day. We hold events that create a buzz around the day, like the Peace One Day Youth Celebration in Kigali, Rwanda that I wrote about in my last post.

Over the years, it has become more and more crucial for Peace One Day to hold other events throughout the year. Their purpose is not only to help raise awareness of the day but also the much-needed funds in order for us to continue our work in the Great Lakes region of Africa and the world.

During the 17-year journey towards institutionalising Peace Day, we have worked with every sector of society so the day acquires an important place in the hearts and souls of every human being. The role of the corporate sector in this process has been indisputable. The highlight of the corporate engagement was Burger King joining the Corporate Coalition and dreaming up the much-talked about 'McWhopper'.

This campaign received approximately 4.5billion impressions in the US, and at least two billion impressions outside of the US. According to Burger King, one in three Americans has now heard of the campaign and is five times more likely to be aware of Peace Day. A major success.

Another way of getting businesses behind Peace Day is our Patrons Programme that brings together key leaders of the corporate world. Recently appointed Patrons President Emmet B. Keefe III, a software entrepreneur, explains why he chose to get more involved with institutionalising Peace Day.

Our biannual awareness and fundraising event, the Peace One Day Patrons Dinner, will be held at the prestigious Royal Automobile Club on 15 December 2015. We will be joined by leaders of the world of art, entertainment and technology. Some of the notable personalities attending and taking part in the event will be actor Sean Pertwee, co-founder of Innocent Drinks, Richard Reed, and Unilever CEO Paul Polman.

Alongside a performance from Jon Lee with former cast members from Jersey Boys, there will be a live auction of contemporary art and exclusive items. The globally renowned pop artist, Romero Britto will donate a bespoke portrait. Modern day surrealist Nancy Fouts has used a decommissioned M16 assault rifle as her inspiration to create an incredible artwork from miniaturised golden sculptures of ordinary people. Alongside these remarkable pieces will be the chance to win exclusive experiences with some of the world's leading names in motor sport, such as Aston Martin and Auto Vivendi.

These events play an important role in enabling Peace One Day to continue its work raising awareness and manifesting action on Peace Day, resulting in a decrease of violence worldwide. For more information visit the Peace One Day website.

Here is to Peace Day, 21 September and to the events required to make it all happen.