Time Out - It's Important!

Retreats, time out, space - they are all important in our life. We so often do not come first and there are just some days when we absolutely 100% need to come first.

Recently I have seen more than anything how important it is to stop and take time out. This has been both in my life and in with my clients so here's some ideas for you.

I was speaking with a former client last week and she was telling me just how frazzled she was feeling. Life was completely out of balance and it brought home to me yet again just how important it is to take time out every now and again.

Creating balance in your everyday life is key and something we can all aim for to some extent or other. Even if you have a mega busy life you will benefit from having some part of your day doing something that balances out the efforts you put in elsewhere - the things that can cause you stress. These balancers can be everyday things like stopping and going outside for 15 mins with a nice cup of tea, or going for a walk, or reading something uplifting - or watching those funny video you have bookmarked but never got around to seeing. It is about putting a pause in the day.

Sometimes clients come to me specifically to work out how to have work/life balance - It is the main goal of the coaching. And step-by- step we look at every area of their life and define what can shift and change whilst still honouring al the responsibilities they may have.

With my former client - because she was get very close to feeling burnt out - she needed to identify something that would put a break in the pattern. Something that she could do to really take time out and redress the balance within herself. As many of you will have heard or read me say, I think that taking time out on an individual retreat is the number one choice for recharging the batteries and gaining some insight into what's next in life.

However if taking a retreat is not possible for you right now you can take that time out for yourself at home. This does not mean just clearing your calendar and doing nothing, although doing nothing may be a big part of it. Just as in the retreats I offer, coming back to yourself, getting back in touch with who you are and what you want from your life is also part of it too.

If this sounds like a great thing to do then identify what day or days you are going to gift yourself this space. Then tell anyone who may have claim to your time that you are not available that day. You giving yourself the gift of space does not mean that you just don't work - it means that you are with yourself totally and no one can ask anything of your that day.

It is also about making decisions just for you. I had someone come on retreat and I asked her when she wanted breakfast and her response was "I don't mind" and in all truth she probably didn't mind. But that's not the point - when you are gifting yourself this day out you want to mind - you want to do whatever feels right for you and for you alone.

So plan your day. I suggest you start with a meditation. If you meditate regularly that's great but if you have not meditated before you can go to my website and download a free meditation here. (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Free Mp3's) Meditation is a great way to start any day, it brings you into the present and permeates your day. After your meditation make yourself a lovely breakfast - all your favourite things and that goes for all your meals that day. Whatever will feel nourishing, nurturing and loving. The rest of your day is up to you. You might like to read an inspirational book, book a massage (preferably someone who come to your home), go for a lovely walk, sleep, just sit and be, write, draw, sing, dance. If you have my book The Right T-Shirt you may like to do some of the exercises that help you reconnect with your heart and see what's important to you. The main thing is that whatever you do on this day (or days if you can swing it) you are doing things that feel good to you, rejuvenate you and things that you wouldn't normally do on a 'day off'.

When I am on retreat with someone we always set an intention about what they want to take home with them. Feeling more in touch with their heart, a clarity about next steps, a decision made, feeling better about a situation, a plan of action to move forward. Do the same, set an intention on what you want from this time out. Once you set an intention the day will unfold with more purpose.

Retreats, time out, space - they are all important in our life. We so often do not come first and there are just some days when we absolutely 100% need to come first. Redress the balance and feel better - about yourself, your life and your future.

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