12/11/2014 06:31 GMT | Updated 11/01/2015 05:59 GMT

The Future is Female

Some 35 years ago my mother told me the future would be female then, 20 years later when my own business started to prosper I was told those very same words yet again by a wannabe employee.

The question is: is the future still female or indeed has the future arrived?

My business world is full of men. Of the 300+ companies I have bought and sold, less than a dozen have been with female clients. Most of the professional advisers I am working with on a day by day basis are men, whether they are lawyers, bankers or accountants.

I know there are lots of female lawyers but few seem to be attracted to corporate law.

I am a regular speaker at Chief Executive groups and at the IoD Chartered Directors Training, often presenting to 100's of senior managers and directors every year, and every year a tiny minority are female.

Mmmm, I think the future may indeed be female but we are not there yet, not by a long way. Or at least in the "Corporate" UK.

So, does it make me feel any worse about my career and prospects? The honest answer is no. There are in fact loads of advantages in being the sole female. Ok, I accept it's not so good for those that strive for that role and I am all for sisterhood and helping and supporting my female colleagues (as Madeline K Albright is quoted as saying 'There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women' and I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment) but we are where we are and therefore its essential, if you are that sole female, you make the most of that unique position.

  • Remember you won't be forgotten, and hopefully for the right reasons.
  • As inevitably you will be substantially more efficient than your male colleagues you will get through much more work, much faster (make sure this doesn't go unnoticed)
  • You should be quicker than a man at gaining another mans trust as they will not see you as a threat (even if you are!)
  • As women tend to be more conciliatory you will be able to make bridges across problems where often men create impassable divides
  • A smile and a bit of charm, even some light flirting (controversial I know!!) can not only improve the atmosphere in a transaction, it may also help you win points conceded by a man to a woman that may not have been so man to man
  • You can play the dumb card and then sneak round the back when they aren't looking, OK I know it's not cricket, but that is my point exactly
  • You can go home and have a good cry and a moan to a friend, rant and rave at the husband, dog or cat and feel a hell of a lot better than storing it all up and sitting stewing in your male cave

So - my female future: I am happy to be there making my own special mark and proud that it's sometimes rather different from my male clients and customers.