21/05/2013 06:57 BST | Updated 20/07/2013 06:12 BST

Eurovision 2013: Style Highlights


On Saturday night thousands of Supporters made their way into Malmo for one of the glitziest and most flamboyant nights of the year for another Eurovision Song Contest final. Whilst many could claim that the pageant has become dated and over politicised, very few could argue that it produces some of the most dramatic, outlandish and sometimes downright bizarre outfit choices; that are often remembered long after the lights come on and the confetti is swept away. Below are a few stand-outs from the night.

Denmark - As Denmark took the top prize, 20-year old Emmelie de Forest was also one of the best dressed of the night. She effortlessly showed her youth and playfulness in a pretty, ballet length, hanky hem dress. The style suited the young songstress as she pranced around the stage, bare-footed, like an impish fairy, delivering one of the better performances of the evening.

United Kingdom - The UK is a nation of cynics and we weren't expecting much from former superstar Bonnie Tyler. However, I have to wonder whose idea was it to dress her in an all black, off the shoulder cat suit? The 61-year old looked uncomfortable as she swayed to the music and left no lasting impression on those who were watching this once great singer.

Germany - As Eurodance act Cascada took to the stage, I was left underwhelmed by both the song and the singer's choice of dress. The beige, sequined pageant gown with the hi-low hemline just didn't work. Hi-low hemlines usually work best in a soft flowing fabric but the stiffness of the heavily-beaded fabric looked clumpy as she moved about the stage.

Ukraine - Despite finishing third and being accompanied by her very own Viking bodyguard, 27-year old Zlata Ognevich can at least take comfort in the fact that she was one of the best dressed of the night. In an elegant, pale pink gown, the young singer brought a sense of class and sophistication with her choice of dress. The only criticism would be that the dress-maker failed to take hip movement into account; resulting in an unattractive and unflattering bulge that flawed an otherwise perfect column.

Finland - One of the more controversial performances of the night also led to one of the most divisive dress choices. Singer Kristia Siegfrid appropriately wore a wedding dress for her song 'Marry Me', a song about a girl who will do anything to get a proposal from a partner. The dress, paired with bright pink boots, perfectly embodied what Eurovision is - flamboyant, over the top and just a little bit tacky.