Gilded Gourmet - Food Finish your Christmas Dinner

Gilded Gourmet - Food Finish your Christmas Dinner

Anyone who knows me well will be aware of my mild obsession with edible glitter. However it seems glitter is so last year with this new make-food-glisten-like-gold contender. Step forward 'Food Finish' from The Deli Garage {as featured on my blog back in October }.

In essence an edible {tasteless & harmless - although E number laden} metallic spray paint that you can use on food. What a GENIUS idea. Gold 'plated' apple anyone?....

Why stop there, how about a gilded turkey on Christmas day, an 'actual' golden goose perhaps? I would so love to see my Dad's face if I managed to pull that one out of the 'oven' on the 25th.

After testing the gold food varnish spray on a Thanksgiving dessert I made {toasted pecan flourless chocolate cake below} I have to say the results are actually pretty amazing and their really is no weird synthetic taste or change in texture etc. Just the rather decadent feeling that you are eating a slice of chocolate flavour gold. So whether it's chrome carrots, silver sausages or a gold plated mince pie for dessert, get creative cooking the Christmas dinner this year and who knows you may even be able to disguise the dreaded brussels sprout.