02/05/2013 06:13 BST | Updated 01/07/2013 06:12 BST

Justification Hotline? It's Me!

"Ms Jones, put me through to Justification Hotline, Shopping Desk, please."

"Certainly Ms Brettkelly. Connecting you now."

"This is Justification Hotline, the Shopping Desk. Please present your argument."

"Hi, it's Jody here. I've just seen a silk top at my favourite store down the road. It's really pricey. But here's the thing: it may be that final piece of the puzzle that completes and unites my wardrobe."


The Suno top visiting our backyard. Photo by Jody Brettkelly


Friday night birthday drinks at my friend's house. Miami Vice sleeve roll up alert. Photo by Jody Brettkelly


Saturday morning soccer. Photo by Jody Brettkelly


Sat night dinner with mullet tuck. Top was not even stanky after all this thrashing!Photo by Jody Brettkelly

"...And not only that, it checks a lot of boxes when it comes to these Spring Trends I keep reading about: floral with stripes; shot of pink; boxy."

"Ms Brettkelly, just consulting your file: you've told us before that you don't suit boxy and you find silk too silky."

"Yes, but for some reason, it floats enough to seem non-boxy. And this time I don't mind the silkiness. Plus it's easy to dress up and dress down."

"Well, it sounds like a keeper. I'm putting my stamp on this one. Enjoy. And Ms Brettkelly? A friendly reminder... you've made two calls too many this quarter - I don't expect to hear from you until next quarter."

Silence on the other end. The caller may have been already heading back to the store...

(Have you had occasion to reach for the phone lately? Are you still searching for the final piece of the puzzle?)