01/03/2013 06:51 GMT | Updated 28/04/2013 06:12 BST

My Macklemore Parenting Moment. What what? What?

Sometimes a certain song sums up your life - what's yours at the moment? This weekend we headed up to Tahoe, California and the song playing in constant rotation on the radio was Thriftshop by Macklemore. Not all the lyrics are life with teens, just the slow and constant "What what? What?" throughout.

Maybe it's just my four kids or maybe it's just their ages. Teens and tweenies, they range from 15 to nine years old. But there is no doubt these are the "What?" years.


Tallulah and Cy - look around and smile. What what? What? Photo by Jody Brettkelly

It's like being trapped in a Mafia crime scene, I thought as my husband and I came across five empty candy bags in our room and then tried to find our nine year old's gloves. Stuff is not done, stuff is forgotten, stuff is taken and stuff is not put back. And noooo one knows anything. Nooo one saw anything. Nooo one even remembers where they were at the time.

Who took my phone? What what? What? Who took my last $20 dollars? What what? What? Who bought five bags of candy? Why aren't any of you wearing your ski jackets, where are your goggles! What what what!!!


You two ordered chips AND fries for lunch? What what? What?Photo by Jody Brettkelly

Who made this room such a bloody big mess? What what, what? Photo by Jody Brettkelly


What song is playing your parenting life at the moment?