23/11/2014 16:30 GMT | Updated 23/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Five Reasons Why Critics Should Give Arsenal a Break

Arsenal have been heavily criticised in recent years and there is much debate as to why they continually fail to win the Premier League title or shoot themselves in the foot during key matches.

However, critics are far too harsh towards the Gunners and here are five reasons why they should change their tune.

5. Manager Stability

Arsene Wenger is often at the centre of the Arsenal-filled criticism, but most other clubs would give anything to be in their position.

In the past few seasons, managers have come and gone far too often and chairmen who expect too much of the club have made wrong decisions regarding removing the man in charge.

Arsenal, however, have remained faithful to Wenger for 18 years now and although fans may be growing frustrated at this moment in time, they must not take for granted the fact that among all uncertainties in football, they can safely say that their club is stable managerially.

Arsene Wenger is the longest-serving and most successful manager to ever be at the North London side in terms of major titles won and the fact that he is still in charge after a spell without a trophy is admirable.

4. Trophies Won

Despite a few hiccups, Arsenal are one of the most successful teams in England and constantly flirt with glory, year after year.

The Gunners have won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and a joint record 11 FA Cups, not bad for a side who are continually criticised for 'not winning anything.'

Although fans may expect more frequent trophies, it could certainly be worse and considering the amount of money spent (we'll get onto that later), they have done exceptionally well.

The Champions League is still there to be won for Arsenal, but considering the number of teams who actually win Europe's most prestigious tournament, critics shouldn't be too harsh.

3. Attractive Football

Fans and critics alike can criticise the time between trophies with a fair amount of justification, but one thing that cannot be overlooked is the beautiful style of football Arsene Wenger and Co. employ.

A simple way of understanding how important this is would be to look at the situation at West Ham United last season. The Hammers were picking up points, but failing to entertain their fans and subsequently, there was anger towards the manager. However, Arsenal have mastered what other sides long to have and that is an attractive style of football.

Their mix of flair, intricate passing and speed is what keeps neutrals watching their performances, regardless of the result. Critics may look at what the Gunners are, or are not, achieving, but if they won more by playing unattractive football, fans would soon miss the way they have played for the past few decades.

2. Champions League

It is very well documented that Arsenal have never won the Champions League, but their constant presence in the tournament is phenomenal.

Between the 1998-99 season and today, Arsenal have appeared in sixteen successive Champions League campaigns, something that has only been bettered by Manchester United and Real Madrid.

As soon as Arsenal are knocked out each year, critics are quick to jump on the 'what a waste of time' bandwagon, but only a small number of teams have actually won the biggest prize in European football.

It is surprising that the Gunners haven't joined the list of winners, but their ability to make the cut every year is a fantastic achievement, considering that most sides would trade their left leg to be in just one Champions League tournament.

1. Money Spent

A report published last year by talkSport found that Arsenal were only the 6th highest spenders in Premier League history, spending under £500m, which makes even a 4th place league finish seem impressive.

What may surprise even the biggest of critics is that fierce rivals Tottenham finished one place higher on the list, despite winning far less than the red side of North London.

Arsene Wenger is well known to make the occasional expensive and disappointing signing, but his general track record for not breaking the bank in order to sign talent is one of, if not the most impressive in the league.

When you consider that Manchester City have spent almost £150m more than Arsenal in their few years as a top side, it is understandable that they have failed to keep up with the big money sides.

Furthermore, the fact that Chelsea have splurged over £1bn, yes you read that right, in their Premier League history, makes you think twice when you are about to criticise the Gunners for not winning the title every year.

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