06/01/2016 12:30 GMT | Updated 06/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Arsenal Won't Be a Title-Winning Side Even if They Win the League

Arsenal have their best chance to win the Premier League in their eleven years without a title this season, and if they fail to do so, it could mean the end for Arsene Wenger. Even if they do lift the trophy in May, however, they will still not be a title winning side, but will be the most fortunate winners in history, owing their success to the failure of others.

"The Premier League could be decided at around 80 points," said Arsene Wenger, the Frenchman attributing this to the closeness of the league this year, rather than the collective struggles of those who should be competing for the top prize.

Only one side has won the Premier League on 80 points or less in the past fifteen years, and that was a Manchester United led by the best manager in world football, Sir Alex Ferguson. In fact, even nine of the last fifteen runners-up have finished with over 80 points; it isn't a great total.

The strange thing this season, and something that will be tough for Arsenal fans to read, is that their North London rivals, Spurs, have been performing significantly better than the Gunners, but somehow find themselves fourth in the table.

Olivier Giroud actually embodies his own side, as they aren't particularly great on paper, or even to look at sometimes, but somehow they get results. Giroud often resembles Bambi on ice, but has scored 51 league goals in 114 appearances, not a bad return at all.

Mesut Ozil F.C, I mean, Arsenal, are still three signings away from being title contenders, just as Alan Shearer said, but somehow they are inevitably going to win the league, and it may be the biggest injustice in the last decade.

Jose Mourinho's destruction of Chelsea on every level has been Wenger's biggest gift, hilariously ironic when you consider how much 'The Special One' hates the Gunners' gaffer, as he is as responsible for Arsenal's success as Wenger is. Then there's Manchester City, proving that even after spending another £150m last summer, there may be more to winning the league than money. After all, Ivan Gazidis could only scrape together a mere £10m.

Manchester United's downfall since Fergie's departure has continued, even after appointing a supposedly great manager and spending over £100m on old or unproven players. The only other traditional title contender is Liverpool, but there's no explanation needed there whatsoever.

Mesut Ozil's dazzling displays have fooled fans into thinking that they are the best side in the league and that they are running away with the title. In reality, the other's aren't even in the race; they've fallen over, lost their shoes or got distracted by someone in the crown wearing a big hat.

This season will go down in history as one of the most bizarre of all time, largely thanks to Leicester City's inexplicable, but probably short-lived success, but it will also be remembered as the season where no one was really great.

Sure, the trophy will sit in Arsenal's dusty trophy cabinet for a year and fans will get 'Champions 16' on the back of their replica shirts, but next season, unless they bring in a centre back, holding midfielder and striker at least, they will slump back to their more familiar fourth place. That is, unless the other top sides fail to turn up once again.

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