11/12/2011 18:57 GMT | Updated 10/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Rebecca Ferguson Q&A...

Ten days or so ago I wrote a small blog on here, praising Rebecca Ferguson's wondrous voice.

I was amazed that after so many bland, boring, average singers had been coughed up via the X Factor, the law of averages had finally kicked in and some talent had been found.

Shortly afterwards, I was offered an interview with Rebecca.

What I said last time stands. Her voice is mesmerising through the short, but soulful and sweet album Heaven, which is a worthy addition to your music library.

Sadly, her interview technique is still VERY X Factor.

She's a lovely girl, I'm sure, oozing with personality and opinions. But - doubtless beaten into her by the TV show bods - you DO NOT let anything like that come out in interviews, nor do you expand on answers.

Even emailed ones, where you have all the time and freedom in the world to come up with the funniest, most brilliant responses you are capable of.

This is something she will HAVE to work on to compliment her undoubted musical talent - because what follows just isn't good enough. I hope she takes heed. Now read on...

Q: You must know you have an amazing voice, but do you worry that people won't want to take you seriously because of the many fiercely average 'artists' produced by TV talent shows?

A. I just try to enjoy making music and I hope that's enough for people to see I can stand up against anyone else.

Q: Did you mentally say goodbye to a career in music when you had children?

A. Partially, but then I never really gave up either. I had to give up a little though.

Q: Do you struggle to find good curry sauce for your chips when you're in London?

A. Yes. Just a decent chippie. Any suggestions? We have a huge Chinese community in Liverpool and we're spoilt for choice.

Q: Taking a year to release any music after not winning the X Factor is a gamble most people don't take, did you worry that you'd failed to cash in on your popularity?

A. Yes but then I didn't want it to be rushed.

Q: Your album Heaven is littered (in a good way) with references to everyday life, have you, like me, grown tired of songs about drinking champagne in nightclubs?

A. I think in a recession people don't want to hear about that. It's not relevant to peoples lives.

Q: If you were on a long haul flight with Louis Walsh, would you talk to him the whole way or put you headphones on and watch a film. Tell the truth!

A. I'd talk to him the whole way. I love Louis.

Q: What experience did you have in the music industry before going for the X Factor? Had you approached labels etc and been turned down?

A. Yes. A lot. Everything and everyone but I kept on trying.

Q: How often and where were you singing in the year before you entered X Factor?

A. I used to do dance vocals for DJs every now and then. I used to record a lot too.

Q: Who do you phone to talk to when something exciting happens in your career, and why?

A. Becky my best friend or Sam my brother. Sam gets really excited and Becky is my best friend.

Q: If either of your kids declared a love for singing, would you encourage them to get into the music industry, knowing how hit and miss success is? What if you thought their voice was nothing special?

A. No I wouldn't want them to be performers.

Q: Have you been watching this year's X Factor? Scouse loyalty will doubtless mean you are nice about Marcus, but this year's show lacks talent doesn't it?

A. X Factor has good and bad years. And for some reason people aren't as receptive this year.

Q: Which is your favourite track on Matt Cardle's album and did you buy it out of duty, curiosity, or simply because you are massively into his music?

A: No answer submitted.

Q: I've previously likened elements of your voice to both Marvin Gaye and Joan Armatrading, are you a fan of either and out of anyone, whose singing voice would you swap for your own if you HAD to?

A. I'm a fan of both. I'd never swap my voice.

Q: Will you right now promise NEVER to record a song with David Guetta?

A. Yes. Officially. Y.E.S.

Q: You're on tour next year, what kind of cover songs will you be including to beef up your set? Old soul rarities? Your X Factor songs?

A. A bit of old school and some new things. People will be surprised by come of the things I'll cover - e.g. Kings of Leon Knocked Up.

Q: Gary Barlow or Robbie Williams? Choose using any parameters you want!

A. Gary. He's ageing well.