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New Fun Things To Do In London

There is so much to do in London that you will never run out of ideas. However, sometimes you want to plan an outing far from the tourist trail. These new ideas will help you see things differently.


Naturally you might want to see all the traditional landmarks of London but have you ever considered seeing them from the air? A helicopter tour over the capital allows you to see much more than you would on foot and it puts a unique slant on viewing the London streets. It's almost like observing everything on a map from that high in the air.

Team Events

If you are heading into London as a couple, a family or larger group then try out some of the competitive team options on offer. If you want to get more active the following offerings might be just what you are looking for.

Putt In the Park: In the park next to Acton central railway station you can have an adult round of mini golf whilst sipping cold beers from the bar. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind while still being able to get out in the fresh air if you have spent the rest of the day cooped up.

Escape Games: If you remember the Krypton Factor or were a fan of The Crystal Maze then you will love the clue based escape games that are taking off in the capital. These are almost like computer games made real, and it's amazing how emotional it feels to see your team mate solve the final clue. Time Run,

The Crystal Maze Experience, Clue Quest and Lady Chastity's Reserve are all worth a mention.

High Speed Thames Cruise: For an adrenaline rush, don't cruise along the Thames, instead head to a speedboat which can hit 50 knots. It's amazing how different the capital looks as the sites rush by including Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and ultimately the Thames Barrier.

London Pubs

If you want to take in the sights and sounds of a traditional London Pub here are three definitely worth a visit.

1. The Mayflower Pub. This is the oldest pub on the Thames dating back to the 16th Century. As the name implies it was also the mooring point for the Mayflower Ship before it headed off on its historic voyage to America.

2. The Star Tavern: For a taste of 20th century appeal The Star Tavern in Belgravia has seen famous visitors Peter O'Toole and Diana Dors pass through its doors. On a more infamous note it is also alleged that it was the place where The Great Train Robbery was planned in 1963.

3. The Viaduct: If you want to see the last surviving gin palace in London then head to The Viaduct opposite the Old Bailey. It is even rumoured the pub may have been a temporary prison for a while.

For new and popular pubs head to 7 Tales, The Escapologist or Below The Smoke. Black Rock is the destination for you if you are a whisky lover. It even has two whisky rivers running through half an oak tree positioned in the centre of the bar. Here you can buy shots from either the Cherry River or Table Whisky.

London Clubs

The ever-famous Fabric, often voted the best DJ Club in London, may have closed its doors for the foreseeable future but there are still plenty of destinations for music lovers.

The Box: The Box in Soho has welcomed several celebrity visitors since it opened in 2011 but it does have a reputation for being slightly risqué and even its website holds an air of mystery.

Ministry of Sound: For the best in Dance and House music head to London's number one venue Ministry of Sound. They feature a wide range of headliners but it's best to book in advance.

Cirque le Soir: If you like your clubs unique the best place to try is Cirque le Soir. This is a plush environment which offers a circus-themed DJ nightclub with burlesque snake charmers and even an indoor funfair.

Street Food

There is a wealth of street food available in London and this isn't your run-of-the-mill bite to eat but a delicious range of food from around the world.

The day and night markets in London are some of the best places to try street food. Head to one of London's oldest fruit and veg markets on Berwick Street in Soho or try one of London's best for gourmet street food, Borough Market. Seasonal tasting days are on offer plus extra treats in the run up to Christmas.