13/10/2016 11:11 BST | Updated 13/10/2017 06:12 BST

Think You Are Not An Addict

Think you are not an addict?

Typically you might think of addicts as being addicted to dangerous drugs, alcohol , cigarettes etc.

But have you thought that you might be an addict ? You might think absolutely not!

Think about it

Here are the various definitions of an addict:

A person who cannot stop doing or using something

A person who is addicted to an activity, habit or substance

An enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity

Now do you think you are not an addict?

An addiction is when the thing you think you might be an addicted to begins to interfere with your daily life..

Think about this for a moment....

What about your mobile phone? How do you feel when you have left it at home? Do you feel anxious, uncomfortable, that you are missing something and you can't stop thinking about it...

When you are out for dinner do you constantly check your phone?

And what about this example . Crazy or what :

I watched two people sitting in their garden at a table on a lovely summers evening. There was total silence . They were both checking their phones, texting, looking at social media etc. There was no conversation. What was the point of this ? Is the person they are texting more important than the person in front of them?

Is the news on social media more important than what is happening now?

As if that's not enough:

People are missing out on the now by involving their mobile at concerts. Taking videos, constantly taking photos. Live in the NOW (Garth Algar. Wayne's World ) He talks a lot of sense. Oops I am showing my age now....

Here's the scary thing!

Mobile phone addiction can also be alarmingly dangerous... I saw a parent recently not watching their young child while they were waiting for a train, The parent was texting, meanwhile the child could easily have gone under a train...

Yes you read that right!

They eventually came to their senses and realised they had a child !!

And there's more

Mobile phone addiction can particularly affect youngsters who then may become less skilled at communicating face to face. Have you ever been in a room with teenagers when they are all on their phones. All slaves to the mobile monster. Total silence. Some might say that is bliss... maybe! Have they forgotten how to speak? They soon will!

In the future we will all have huge fingers and thumbs and a tiny brain and no voice!

Wait there's even more....

Are you addicted to news?

Do you check your internet news often, do you always have to read the newspapers every day?

Most people I know who are addicted to news are very anxious people. Another example of an addiction being bad for you. What would really happen if you didn't know the latest bad news? (trust me it is very rarely good news )

Would you internally combust? The worst that would happen is you might actually feel happier . Believe it or not you will rarely miss out on major news stories. Some delightful person will inform you.

Still don't think you are addicted!

What about Social media? Can you live without it for a day? Social media can be particularly destructive just like an addiction

Youngsters can be at risk of becoming addicted to Social Media. Social media can affect youngsters' self esteem, seeing others showing off about their achievements, their clothes. Look at ME ME ME see how many friends I have. Sorry they are not your real friends but this can affect a sensitive youngster. They can judge themselves on the number of virtual friends they have. Even though it can hurt them they still find it hard to stay away. They want to find out what people are saying about them even if it is bad...

Still not convinced?

Test yourself to be without your addiction of choice. Put your mobile phone away for one day . Stay off social media for a day, don't read newspapers for a day, stay off the internet for a day . If you cannot cope, then you are probably addicted!

So what's next?

Do you want to do anything about it?

What can you do ?

Go cold turkey


Wean yourself off bit by bit

Are there replacement patches? Not sure on that one

Live in NOW!

Seriously do yourself a favour and get back into the real world.

Why not join me in my quest to get real again.... LIVE IN THE NOW!!!!

Challenge yourself to have Media free Mondays

Social media free Sundays

No news days

You could even raise money for Charity. Get someone to sponsor you