09/03/2017 10:45 GMT | Updated 10/03/2018 05:12 GMT

20 Essential Things To Remember When Packing Your Suitcase For Your Vacation

Pamela Moore via Getty Images

We all have been in that position of forgetting sunscreen when in the desert or no gloves when in the snow. With your flights and accommodation already booked, packing is the last thing on your perfect vacation preparation. We don't want you to be worried about anything when you're traveling. Follow this ultimate guide on things to remember when packing. We promise you will not have anything to worry about on your perfect vacation!

1. Do a list - We know it sound a bit boring, but lists are the way to go for a no stress holiday! Decide what's essential and what's desirable. Be realistic with your luggage limitation and start doing your list. Start brainstorming all items you think you need and follow our tricks below.

2. Never forget the first aid kit - A small bag with essentials (pills and medicine) is more than enough. Surely you don't want to suffer from fever, a big headache or from stomach issues. If you are prepared to these little things that may happen to you (hopefully not), you'll recover in a few days. Allergy meds and asthma remedies are are crucial if you need them!.

3. Name tags can help you a lot - Be sure to fill the name tags that most suitcases have. If yours doesn't have one, get one! It saves a lot of time to you and to the airline, in case of losing your luggage. It's not that hard!

4. Restrictions on baggage - If your airline says 30kg, then they really mean 30kg! Make sure to weigh your bags before getting to the airport to see if you're within the restrictions. If you don't respect them, you'll be forced to cough up extra costs at the airport or lose some of your favourite things!

5. Save some bag space for all your holidays purchases - It's inevitable that you'll bring some stuff back home - make sure you have room for it! Whether it's holiday mementos or duty free goods you'll buy something, trust us.

6. Shoes - The most horrible, frustrating item of luggage: "How many shoes should I take with me?" Well, it depends on how long your vacation might be. A good suggesting is three pairs for a 1 or 2 week getaway. Wear the most heavy or difficult to transport shoes that you have and you'll save a lot of space. Besides that, stuck as many socks as you can in the rest of them, you'll save even more space.

7. Cosmetics. Less is more! - Don't take too many cosmetics with you. Besides avoiding a big eventual explosion of gooey liquids all over your clothes, you can always discard the empties once they're finish, saving some more space for your trip back home.

8. Rolling is a great idea! - Rolling your clothes is the way to go! It will save a lot of space on your suitcase and it will reduce those pesky wrinkles and creases in your gear. Try it, you'll not regret it.

9. All valuables should go in your hand luggage - Even though it's extremely rare that airlines lose luggage nowadays, don't take the risk: stow all your expensive luxuries in hand luggage.

10. Adapters - If you're going to a place where you need adapters, buy them ahead of your trip. You'll save money on the crazy airports prices.

11. Take care of your delicates - If you have to pack anything that's delicate, like china plates or glass goods, be delicate with them. Wrap them in bubble wrap or put them in-between clothes and pack them right in the middle of your case. Is the safest way to make sure they arrive in perfect conditions.

12. Pack clothes in groups - Pants with pants, shirts with shirts, so on. It's the easiest way to find what you need and to unpack.

13. Carry a mini closet in your hand luggage - Not literally, obviously, but it's always a good idea to carry with you a clean set of underwear and a t-shirt, in case of your luggage being in an aeroplane mix-up or even lost.

14. Don't trust your guru instincts, check the weather - Weather forecasts can be your holiday's best friend or your biggest foe, depending where you're going. Nowadays, even though not 100% accurate, weather forecasts are pretty reliable. Check the weather the day before you fly and pack accordingly. Save some space for that umbrella that we hope you'll never use.

15. Forget on-board manicure - Scissors, nail files or any other sharp primping tool are prohibited in planes. Put them into your checked luggage!

16. Most need things go on top - Whatever you believe it can be useful very soon, put it on top. We know it's a very obvious advice, so obvious that you might just forget about it!

17. Towels - Yes, towels. A lot of times not helpful (when your holiday accommodation provides them), other times a nightmare if you don't have any. This is an item that it will occupy a lot of space, so do your best to discover if your accommodation will provide them for you (they probably will) and pack accordingly.

18. Prepare yourself for a strip - Calm down, you'll not need to do any actual strip. However, there's a chance that you'll be asked to undress a little bit as you go through the airport security. We're not saying that you'll be naked (we hope), it usually means taking belts, shoes and jackets off. If you're travelling with a laptop or tablet put them in a strategic place. You'll be asked to take off your gadgets from your hand luggage. It will save some time, and the security thanks you!

19. Check and check again - Make sure you only leave your home with all your essentials. We're not talking about your favourite perfume: money, a valid passport and - for yours and your holiday companions sake - a toothbrush! A copy with all the information's of your International Health Insurance is always a good idea as well.

20. Last but not least - Always remember to enjoy your vacations!