16/03/2015 12:54 GMT | Updated 15/05/2015 06:59 BST

6.2 Things You Should Do On Your Lunch Break

1. Have lunch. We all need to eat now and again, as recent studies have shown. Experts recommend edible foodstuffs, as opposed to paving stones, or bits of bark off the nearest tree, however convenient this may first appear.

2. Be strategic about when you take your lunch hour. For example, don't take it in the middle of breakfast, unless you want fish and chips with your porridge. You do? Oh right.

3. During your lunch break, engage in activities that will help you re-energise. Get out in the sunshine and take in some fresh air. (NB this does not apply to English readers)

4. Don't get stuck in a routine. Maybe you go to a café every day, or run the same errands. Mix things up a bit if you can. Why not go to an errand for a change, or run cafés?

5. Be careful not to try and cram too much into your lunch break. I remember scheduling in an appointment with my hairdresser but there simply wasn't time to get a proper haircut, especially as they were based in Peru.

6.2 Use your lunch hour to catch up with fellow colleagues, but don't drink too much. Eleven or twelve pints is quite sufficient.

Please watch the accompanying film, 'The Lunch Break' for further enlightenment.