01/04/2015 06:38 BST | Updated 31/05/2015 06:59 BST

9.2 Interesting Facts About Easter

Here are some interesting facts about Easter that you may or may not know or know (or not know).

1. Easter was Wester until it was relocated.

2. The first chocolate egg was actually made of mince. Similarly, the first mince pie was made of chocolate.

3. Ex-celebrity Esther Rantzen was named after Easter. But only by 5 minutes.

4. Every year Americans spend $1.9 million on Easter candy. Each.

5. Most facts about Easter are not that interesting.

6 Papier-mache Easter eggs were produced in England in the 18th century by papier-mache chickens.

7. Good Friday was originally known as Fabulous Friday until people realised it wasn't that great.

8. There has never been an eighth fact about Easter.

9. Traditionally Easter moves around the calendar to stop it being spotted by its arch enemy, the August Bank Holiday.

9.2 Maundy Thursday once fell on Sunday and was badly injured.

The accompanying short film about the Easter Bunny was specially commissioned by nobody.