06/07/2015 18:49 BST | Updated 06/07/2016 06:59 BST

Britain's Most Outspoken Hotel Critic Speaks Out

Peter Pilbeam's Hotel Reviews

The Clifftop Hotel, Yarmouth.

On entering the lobby, I noticed that the carpet was an unnerving shade of blue, which in my mind conjured up a very disturbing image of a giant blue gorilla. I asked the manager if the carpet could be dyed a less terrifying colour, but he said they had just run out of carpet dye that very morning. Luckily I always carry my own supply in case of such emergencies, although when I offered to sell some to him at a reduced rate he seemed alarmingly uninterested.

I was then shown to my room on the rather unimaginatively named 'first floor.' On entering said room, the first thing that hit me was the cleaner. It later transpired that a review of mine had led to her being let go from a job in a travelodge in Swaffham. I was about to suggest she attend an anger management course, when she smacked me over the head with a breakfast tray. My well-developed critic's eye immediately noticed that the tray had not been properly washed, and I resolved to bring this up with the manager the moment I regained consciousness.

When I did so several hours later, the manager apologised and asked if he could help in any way to make up for this. As it was nearly 8.15 pm I asked him to read me a bedtime story. With no books at his disposal he attempted to improvise a suitable tale, but the unconvincing characters, multiple plot holes and lack of coherent story arc left me more awake than before. With no hope of getting any sleep I decided to dye the carpet a more relaxing and holistically therapeutic shade of pink.

Room service arrived with my breakfast the next morning, but instead of fresh fruit they brought me scrambled eggs on toast! Admittedly I had originally ordered this, but I had changed my mind halfway through eating the meal and felt they should have checked accordingly.

Later, as I was putting on my bicycle clips and getting ready to leave, I was heartened to see that my work on the carpet had been discovered, as the staff had all come to show their appreciation by throwing a generous amount of fruit my way, obviously trying to make up for the mistake they'd made at breakfast. However I have to say that I won't be returning to the Clifftop Hotel. Mainly because I've been banned. Thank you.

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