29/06/2015 10:41 BST | Updated 29/06/2016 06:59 BST

Is This The World's Silliest Podcast?

This week sees the return of my comedy podcast series The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show to the British Comedy Guide website. Nobody associated with the show was available for an interview so I decided to talk to myself.

John: Tell me about your podcast.

John: I'd rather not.

John: Oh go on. Otherwise this is going to be a really short interview.

John: How much are you willing to pay?

John: Come off it John, you know I'm skint.

John: What? Let me check my wallet. Ah - I see what you mean. All right, what do you want to know?

John: Well, for a start, what exactly is this podcast?

John: I can see you've done your research. It's a new six-part series containing spoofs, skits and strangeness, all in a sesame seed bun.

John: What are you on about?

John: No idea.

John: Does the series contain regular characters?

John: You mean people like avant-garde film director David Lynch and agricultural singer/songwriter Farmer Collins?

John: Yes.

John: No.

John: You do seem to get interrupted a lot during the show by The Actor Greg Haiste. What can you tell me about him?

John: Well he's very influenced by Donald Sinden.

John: I'm so sorry - I literally had no idea.

John: That's literally all right. We also literally have a number of exciting serials in the podcast such as The Adventures of Basil The Cylinder.

John: What's on earth's that?

John: Don't ask me, I only write the scripts and appear in it.

John: What do you say to people who claim your show is the world's silliest podcast?

John: Bing ting fning gring ling ping ting ning bing qing zing pling. They usually go away after that.

John: I'm certainly going away after that John, but thank you for talking to yourself today.

John: No problem, John. I do it every day.

Episode One of The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show can be found on the British Comedy Guide Website, or you can listen to Episode One of Series Four here: