11/11/2016 09:03 GMT | Updated 02/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Five Inexpensive Ways To Promote A Mobile App Launch

With increasing numbers of apps released every day, it couldn't be more pertinent to come up with a strong idea to promote and market a mobile app launch. The app market is a very competitive one, and without the right approach, there is a great possibility that a new product slips through the cracks and never attracts the attention of potential users. Although organic reach has its effects, it is always essential to think outside the box and come up with solid strategies that harness the power of creativity and originality if you want to maximise exposure and make maximum returns from your release. In this article, you'll find five creative ways to promote the launch of a mobile app.

Teaser Websites

Giving potential users a sneak peek at your app is sure to pique their interest, and this is why creating a teaser website is such a good idea in working to build up your audience well before your release date. Awareness of your product is key to its success, and a high-quality teaser website raises potential users' familiarity with your app and increases their chances of interacting with it. Get it right, and the hype and anticipation that builds up surrounding the release will all be to your advantage.

Promotional Video

Creating a high-quality promotional video for your mobile application is an inexpensive and creative way to boost your marketing potentials while benefiting from video SEO at the same time. Your promo can be short - around 30 seconds is adequate, but will be very advantageous to kick-starting interest in your launch. Video marketing is one of the most successful modern advertising avenues, and it has been shown to encourage engagement and drive up interest, not only with potential users but also with the press, so it is certainly an option worth exploring. While a simple still image slideshow featuring a voiceover is better than nothing, an exciting and visually appealing original video is obviously the better choice.

Press Releases

A well-crafted press release ensures that your app receives maximum exposure to the media which can be instrumental in the success of your product. Journalists receive many submissions every day, so to stand out from the crowd, your press release must be eye-catching, concise and informative to engage their interest and boost the chances of receiving coverage. One way to make sure that your campaign gets noticed is to work with PR professionals who will ensure that your product is targeted at the most appropriate market and is delivered through the right outlets.

Pitching to Bloggers

If you don't already own a blog where you can promote your app, you could always pitch it to influential review bloggers or youtube vloggers who cover your specific field. Seize their interest by sending out a clear and sharp message that presents your product in the best light and convinces them that their readers will be interested in what you have to offer - remember that you need to make your app unique and noticeable by demonstrating how it will benefit their target audience.

Join an Active Social Media Group

Making your app visible in the social media community will increase the likelihood of potential users being exposed to it and eventually familiarising with it. Groups on Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn dedicated to entrepreneurs and developers like yourself are a great place to start. Hand out some free promo codes for group members to try out your product and ask for their feedback - an open discussion about any issues, features, and potential updates is a valuable tool to improving your product before its general release, and the relationships that you form will present opportunities for cross-promotion and wider exposure.