18/01/2012 10:39 GMT | Updated 19/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Alex James in Bizarre McDonald's - or Should That Be Muckdonald's? - Plug

Alex James, the former Fat Less bassist and the man who put 'ur' into Blur has done a bizarre 'food' column in the Sun. In what reads like an advert he has championed Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's and Greggs in a series of PR puff quotes and those kind of gormless photos that 15-year-old-boy bands specialise in.

Wonder if he demands all these on his rider?

Whilst the rest of his former band mates either make great music or put something back into the community, James has come to epitomise the most selfish traits of modern pop stardom.

Mates with David Cameron (not sure who comes out worse in that cuddle) and other Tories he has been pushing his cheese for the last few years, not least in his weekly food column in the Sun on Saturdays. This column has to be the cheesiest he has done yet.

No-one expects faded pop stars to be smart or have a clue what's going on but that doesn't make it any better. Still, maybe it means he has given up on his TV career.

There was a time when he was on everything like some sort of dim-witted, welly-wearing, country esquire bumbling about for no real reason.

On one radio show I did with him, he fluffed his lines endlessly, had no interest in the music he was presenting and was outsmarted by random people in the audience in Q and A's.

Maybe he's skint?

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