11 Tips to Get Yourself Ready for Summer Lovin'

Take off your winter coats and get swimsuit season ready! Summer is only around the corner! In fact, the first day of summer is June 21st which doesn't give you long to prep yourself ready for those perfect summer dates.

Take off your winter coats and get swimsuit season ready! Summer is only around the corner! In fact, the first day of summer is June 21st which doesn't give you long to prep yourself ready for those perfect summer dates. Whether that's changing your outlook on your dating life or physically making yourself feel and look a whole lot better than ever. Get into that summer vibe which you've always dreamt of and read these tips to get yourself prepped for a bit of summer lovin'!

1.Be positive and throw out the negative!

Are you a positive person? If you're not positive within yourself, looking to another person to make you happy will not last. You will just be put under pressure further into a relationship and will eventually cause a resentment down the line. Avoid this and be a little more positive! Everything is and feels better in the summer and with the recovery of SAD happening (as winter is well and truly over!), a positive vibe is a positive life which will lead to a positive date!

2.Make eye contact and smile away!

Whilst dating, looking into one another's eyes will give you a clue to whether you really, really like them or not. The saying is, "getting lost in one another's eyes" - which makes you feel that romantic connection so eye contact is key. If after 5 minutes you don't feel that spark whilst looking into their eyes, maybe they are not the one for you. Also, smiling portrays a nice impression and it costs absolutely nothing!

3.Focus on fun and flirting

A fun date is a great date. Don't be a boring date and just want to do boring stuff - it's summer meaning everything is alive! Fun and flirty dates are more memorable and creates a less of an awkward atmosphere. If you're a shy person, having the distraction of a fun and exciting date makes you feel more comfortable whilst being with a stranger! Focus on the fun and just keep calm and enjoy your summery date.

4.Relax and Destress

Relaxation is the way forward! If you're stressed, this will lead to people around you becoming stressed as they will be stressing about you being stressed! It goes round in a huge circle and is pointless. To prep yourself for a fabulous summer date, destress and unwind. You'll feel so much better and your date will feel more calm as you will have nothing to worry about. Life is too short to be stressed.

5.Get bronzed beautiful

Everybody feels better with a lovely glow to them. You look healthier, sun kissed and fantastic so what a better way than to get bronzed in preparation for your summer date! If you're happier with the way you look, this will give you a little boost of confidence which your date will love.

6.Start working on your body no no's!

Do you feel unhappy in your skin? Do something about it! Exercising couldn't be easier with the warmer weather coming - whether that be a small jog or a few stretches, every little bit of exercise will help you achieve your perfect summer body. This will prove you to be a happier and healthier person. Start working on your body now and you'll be looking fit and fabulous in no time at all!

7.Be confident

Confidence leads to happiness. If you're confident within yourself, people will enjoy your company that little bit more. Whilst on a summer date, you'll be able to converse easier as you'll be confident in what you're saying. The date will seem to flow better with no awkward situations so it's a win-win situation!

8.Limber up and get a massage

What a better way to prep yourself ready for a bit of summer lovin'? Feel relaxed and get a massage! You'll feel so much better within yourself as you won't be carrying any worries with you as they've all been massaged away! You'll feel at ease with yourself, making others feel at ease with you too. So get rid of those painful knots and just chill.

9.Moisturise away imperfections

The summer weather will only dry out your skin, so treat it! Moisturising is the best thing ever that you can do. It's quick, easy and simple and you'll thank yourself later for it. Your skin looks ten times younger and won't become affected underneath that glowing sun. You'll look more radiant and healthy and your date will eye you up even more for it. Your skin will also look cleansed and hydrated, making you feel a lot happier in yourself.

10.Eat and be clean and healthy

Eating clean will make you feel clean. Summer is the best opportunity to eat as healthy as possible as nobody eats too big of a meal when the weather is so hot - eat lesser amounts at a more regular time is key for eating clean. Your skin will look healthy and you'll look more radiant. Your summer date will notice you straight away with your glowing skin and healthy lifestyle!

11.Take your time, don't rush!

Take your time when even thinking about a serious relationship. Listen to your head as well as your heart and your hormones! Get to know someone before rushing into an unknown relationship. Just take your time and go with the flow to see how things develop. Also, you can't force anything that isn't meant to be so just sit back and chill about the whole "relationship" situation.