20/10/2015 11:29 BST | Updated 20/10/2016 06:12 BST

Star Trek Moments That Left the Fans Wanting More Space Adventures

Star Trek is a phenomenon. One of the greatest TV shows and movie franchises and the brain child of Gene Roddenberry follows a team of intrepid explorers across the galaxy seeking out new worlds and new civilisations boldly going when no franchise has gone before.

Here's some of the defining moments of Star Trek, both funny and intense, that left fans wanting more.

Kirk realising that Uhura and Spock argue.

Ever been stuck in a lift with someone who said something awkward? There's literally nowhere to run. During Star Trek: into Darkness Captain Kirk found himself in a similar situation. The rebooted Star Trek film shows some interesting changes in the relationships between people dating namely Lt Uhura and Mr Spock. It's one of the best moments of the film, if for no other reason than the way the line is delivered, is when Kirk realizes that Uhura and Spock are in the middle of an extended argument.

The first ever interracial kiss on television.

Star Trek's known for breaking the mould and pushing boundaries with every single episode. Back in 1968, Star Trek boldly went where no one had gone before with the very first interracial kiss on television. Sure, this scared NBC producers but eventually the big wig's said "To hell with it. Let's go with the kiss".

Shouting Khan: The Wrath of Khan.

For anyone watching Spock die in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan it was a huge deal. It's widely regarded as the greatest trek film ever where Kirk and his crew face off with Khan's captured ship in a drawn out battle. A blind showdown, it ultimately ends with a battle damaged Enterprise coming out on top. However when Khan uses a weapon of mass destruction against the Enterprise, Spock sacrifices himself for his friends. All of this is overshadowed by Kirks famous Khan 'Scream' which was re-used in JJ Abrams rebook Star Trek: Into Darkness.

The season cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers.

The end of season 3 for Star Trek: The Next Generation was both the turning point in a much larger Borg story arc but also when Star Trek realised the power being 2 part episodes on Television. It's a pivotal moment for the entire series, one which fans keep watching over and over. Captain Picard is turned into a Borg and you had to wait until next season to find out what was going to happen.


Red Alert. All hands battle stations.

During episode 9 season 2 of Enterprise it became clear that the first warp 5 ship was venturing into obstacles that no ship had seen before. Naturally existing 'policy' was not yet formed but the 'Tactical alert' introduced during the episode became the beginning's for the famous 'Red Alert'.

Captain Picard.

Fans all have their favourite Starfleet captain and most can cite the reasons they'd choose to serve with their personal choice. For me it's Captain Picard. Why? He's probably the most inspiring character I've ever seen on a television show. You know when you've done well and equally you know when you've done wrong as Mr Crusher found out whilst playing with a shuttlecraft. Even when Picard is telling you off you want more.

All hands brace for impact.

There are plenty of spaceships that explode in Star Trek but it's rare to see one, albeit half a starship crash land on a planet. During Star Trek Generations the Enterprise-D is forced to make a harrowing and spectacular landing. An awesome scene that served as a sign off for the ship that fans knew and loved during its seven year run on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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