20/02/2013 06:43 GMT | Updated 22/04/2013 06:12 BST

Heineken Use Crowd Sourcing For Ultimate Job Interviews

Job interviews are generally all the same bemoans the intro to this superb bit of a video marketing from Heineken. You get dressed up nice and smart and you try and use words like "passionate" and deploy the classic always-subtle self-complimentary line 'My biggest weakness is that I work too hard.' Well it would appear that Heineken don't want any run of mill employees working for them and have put their latest batch of applicants through what some may describe as 'cruel' tests.

With 1734 applicants for a role within their Champion's League department it was always going to be a hard decision but as you can see from the video, the winning "Candidate" more than deserved his prize.

The Dutch beer brand has been a heavy hitter for a while when it comes to online video, not quite up there with it's European cousin Red Bull but they consistently produce quality web content and campaigns that test and show off the possibilities of web marketing.

Within this campaign Heineken have not only produced a quality piece of video marketing. The crowd source element has involved their social media channels lobbying for input in choosing "The Candidate" encouraging sharing and engagement and improving the virility of the piece.

The film bodes well for any future candidates as well as being a great internal piece for the company. It could be groundbreaking for any company that wants to appear more transparent and develop themselves online as a creative force.

The comparisons with The Apprentice are obvious but this short-form version feels a lot more real and satisfying. You can't help feeling like Guy really earned his job at the company. Even if he did say that "Other people get infected by my Enthusiasm". Not quite a Stewart Baggs-ism.