13/02/2013 11:17 GMT | Updated 14/04/2013 06:12 BST

Is Quentin Tarantino The New Combover King?

Quentin Tarantino, the man behind Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and various other gloriously gory and high grossing movies caused a stir recently when he locked horns with C4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy mid-interview, although this didn't stop him picking up the BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay at this Sunday's awards ceremony.

Ostensibly promoting his latest film - the two and a half hour shoot-out marathon Django Unchained - the enfant terrible of Hollywood blockbusters didn't take well to the presenter's questions about whether those who enjoy on-screen violence might be partial to the real deal, too. Indeed, so affronted was the legendary director that he responded with "I refuse your question, I'm not your slave!" A comeback that was arguably in rather bad taste considering the content of his latest movie.

Watching the clip back, I was also surprised by the hairstyle Tarantino was sporting. With long, straggly strands of hair seemingly attempting to conceal a receding hairline that reached noticeably high across his forehead, I couldn't help but wonder: is Tarantino one step away from taking Donald Trump's title of Combover King?

If Tarantino is beginning to worry that a gust of wind could send his artfully dishevelled 'do into show-all disarray Trump style, it might be wise of him to consider taking action against his receding hairline. Many men who want to stop hair loss in its tracks either think there's nothing they can do other than get a hair transplant, or perhaps they just take hair loss medication Propecia, mistakenly thinking that there is no other way of addressing the issue.

Looking at Tarantino's type of hair loss, the first thing that comes to mind is that Propecia, one of two clinically proven hair loss medications, would not be the most effective way to treat a receding hairline when used alone. Propecia is great for general thinning, such as a thinning crown (the beginnings of a 'bald spot' on the top of a man's head) but in Tarantino's case, I would recommend not just Propecia, but a high strength minoxidil cream, too.

Applied directly to the receding hairline, high strength minoxidil, specifically in cream form, has shown unprecedented levels of regrowth due to the fact that minoxidil is dose-dependent, meaning that the lower strengths may not be effective, but a higher dosage might still help. In addition to this, the thick texture of a cream means it can be applied directly to the problematic areas. Talk to a hair loss specialist about this, as your GP will not be able to prescribe high strength minoxidil and it is not sold over-the-counter.

So, for a hair loss treatment as powerful as a Django Unchained gun fight scene, a combined approach is the director's best shot at re-growing his hair from its current straggly state. It's also worth noting that if Tarantino is experiencing male pattern baldness (and 95% of men experiencing hair loss are) his condition will only get worse unless he begins treatment.

Tarantino's only other options are to brave the baldness and embrace the comb-over, or wait until areas of his scalp are completely bald and shiny, at which point a surgical hair transplant procedure a la Wayne Rooney might be advisable. However, I reckon that prevention is always better than cure, especially when the 'cure' of a hair transplant will need a similar treatment programme to maintain the rest of the hair.

Even in this day and age, Tarantino would need a special effects team to magic himself a full head of hair without a comprehensive treatment programme. If you're considering a combover, don't forget that you could eradicate the need for one completely by adding a few extra steps into your daily hair care routine.