24/07/2015 12:26 BST | Updated 23/07/2016 06:59 BST

11 Signs You're Probably Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

Let's be honest, we all change when we're in a relationship. It happens. Some of you are probably nodding your head whilst thinking about some examples right now as you read this.

After a while we start to get a little too comfortable. We realise that person isn't going to breakup with us for some of our tiny idiosyncracies and that they love us for who we are. Who we really are (ahem) right?

Anyway, I thought I'd put together a list of sure-fire signs that you're probably too comfortable in your relationship from a male perspective. Enjoy!

1. Baby Voice

You know when the baby voice comes out that this relationship means it's going the distance. I've seen even the manliest of men break into some blubbering baby-talking mess when he's with a long-term girlfriend. Hilarious for spectators - embarrassing for the boyfriend.

2. Using the Toilet at the Same Time

Not a fan. I remember back in my early twenties an ex-girlfriend came in and did a poo... A POO whilst I was having a shower. AND she was reading a copy of "Heat" at the same time! Seriously. I couldn't believe it. Needless to say she got dumped (pun intended). But, if you find that this is something going on in your relationship, then yep, you are way too comfortable.

3. Pet Names

"Oh poopy shnooky wooky". A big tell-tale sign that the comfort levels are high. Also, if you have pet names for each other's genitals (I once knew a guy who's girlfriend called his penis "Brad" - of course she never knew that we knew) you might as well just lock yourself down for life.

4. Movie Compromises

"Oh, hun look - 27 Dresses is on!"


Pass me the shotgun.

5. Sharing Plates

This happens even on early dates, but when you find you're always ordering together instead of making a decision for yourself, things are well and truly in the "too comfortable" zone.

6. Dates at Home Are Considered Dates

Remember the early days when every date was an adventure? Yeah! Not anymore. The phrase "why don't you just come over at 9 and we'll get some take-away" becomes way too frequent.

7. Farting and Burping

Who needs to hold it in anymore? She's not going anywhere, so just let it all out. Just be weary of the old "Dutch oven". Ah, classic.

8. Granny Undies

She's wearing her granny undies, that means there's good news and bad news.

The good is that she's really comfortable with who she is around you.

The bad is that chances of sex are incredibly slim. Good luck!

9. No Makeup

Huge. She's letting you see her without makeup for the first time? That's it, it's serious!

10. Morning Breath Kisses

That split second decision just before you give her a morning breath kiss. "Mouth open or mouth closed? What level are we at?"

If you've gone for mouth open - you know the answer to that.

11. No More Walking on Egg shells

It started off with "honey, can I get you anything?" after buying her favourite foods for when she stays over. Now it's basically a jar of maionnaise and an old carrot in the fridge and "help yourself".

Where did it all go wrong?